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Hill's Prescription Diet C/D Urinary Stress with Chicken Dry Cat Food - 8Kg By Hills Prescription Diet




Hills Prescription Diet C/D Urinary Stress makes it easier to effectively maintain a healthy urinary tract and reduce the risk that stones will re-occur after dissolution.

Key Features
Added L-tryptophan & milk protein hydrolysateTo control stress, a known risk factor for the major cause of FLUTD.
Supplemented Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA)   To help break the cycle of inflammation.
Supplemented GAGs (glycosaminoglycans)Natural components of the urinary bladder mucosa.
Reduced MagnesiumDecreases urinary concentration of struvite constituents (magnesium and phosphate) and calcium oxalate
Controlled SodiumHelps maintain healthy kidney function.
Added CitrateForms soluble complexes with calcium to inhibit calcium oxalate formation.
Target urinary pH 6.2 - 6.4Discourages the formation and aggregation of struvite crystals without encouraging the formation of oxalate crystals.
Increased Water FormulasIncreases urinary volume to dilute the constituents of all uroliths.
Added Vitamin E & Beta-caroteneHelps neutralise free radicals to help combat urolithiasis.
No Added Vitamin CIt is a precursor of oxalate.
Recommended for
  1. Initial nutritional management of cats with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), including feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC), crystalluria and/or urolithiasis and urethral plugs.
  2. Dissolution of sterile struvite stones.
  3. Long-term nutritional management of cats prone to: Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC). Struvite, calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate crystals and uroliths (reduction of recurrence). Urethral plugs (almost exclusively associated with struvite or calcium phosphate crystals).
Not recommended for
Pregnant or lactating queens.
Additional information
Nutrition clinically proven to reduce the risk of recurrence of FLUTD signs.
Nutrition clinically proven to dissolve struvite stones in as little as 14 days.
Do not give urinary acidifiers when feeding c/d™ Feline Urinary Stress.
Monitor the urine to ensure the target urinary pH is maintained and if necessary eliminate urinary tract infection.

Other products to consider

To dissolve large or multiple sterile struvite uroliths:  Prescription Diet™ s/d™ Feline.
For FLUTD caused by urate, cystine or xanthine uroliths:  Prescription Diet™ k/d™ Feline.
If calcium phosphate is present as brushite: Prescription Diet™ k/d™ Feline.
For overweight and obese-prone cats with FLUTD: Prescription Diet™ c/d™Multicare Feline Reduced Calorie


Brewers rice, chicken (32%) and turkey meal, wheat, maize gluten meal, animal fat, digest, minerals, fish oil, vegetable oil, vitamins, DL-methionine, taurine, milk protein hydrolysate, L-tryptophan, trace elements, crustacean shell hydrolysate, cartilage hydrolysate. Naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid.

Carbohydrate (NFE)40.5%
Fibre (crude)0.9%
Omega-3 fatty acids0.7%
Omega-6 fatty acids3.09%
Taurine2,350 mg/kg
Tryptophan3,479 mg/kg
Glucosamine1,010 mg/kg
Chondroitin sulfate920 mg/kg
Vitamin A5,780 IU/kg
Vitamin D610 IU/kg
Vitamin E600 mg/kg
Beta-carotene1.50 mg/kg

Feeding Guide

These ranges are a starting point only, because cats’ needs vary. Adjust the feeding amount to maintain optimal body weight.

Body Weight
Per Day
230 - 40
340 - 55
450 - 70
560 - 85
670 - 95
7 +12 per kg

An 85g wet food pouch is equal to 20 grams of dry food.

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Great product, great value

by -

Having being recently advised from a trip to see the vet with an unhappy cat that I needed to buy a specific food that would aid in his recovery and wellbeing. I have 2 cats and figured it would be easier to feed them both the same rather than investing special bowls that work of their microchips. I bought a smaller bag of the Hill's Prescription Diet C/D Urinary Stress food initially to test and can say that both of the cats love it; hence the big bag! The one who needs it is a much happier cat these days and I would very much recommend the product.