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Dechra Specific FND Neutered Young Dry Cat Food - 400G By Dechra Specific




Specific Neutered Young FND Dry Kitten Food is a complete food to meet the nutritional needs of growing neutered kittens up to the age of 12 months old.

Made with reduced calories to allow for the lower metabolic rate of neutered kittens, and to help maintain a healthy bodyweight, Specific Neutered Kitten Food also contains increased levels of protein, a moderate energy level and all of the essential vitamins and minerals your kitten needs.

Key Benefits:

Moderate Energy: Helps maintain an ideal bodyweight
High Omega-3: Supports brain and eye development
Low Magnesium & Phosphorus: Discourage the formation of struvite stones
Maize Protein, Fish Meal, Maize, Wheat, Rice, Cellulose Powder, Pork Fat, Egg Powder, Animal Protein Hydrolysate, Minerals, Vitamins and Trace Elements (including Chelated Trace Elements), Potato Protein, Beet Pulp, Fish Oil, Psyllium Husk, Taurine, Yucca Powder. With Natural Antioxidants (Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract and Vitamin C). Contains No Added Artificial Colours or Flavourings

Nutritional Information per 100g:
Energy kJ: 1480, Energy kcal: 353, Protein: 31.7g, Fat: 9.8g, Carbohydrate: 39.5g, Fibre: 5.1g, Calcium: 0.94g, Phosphorus: 0.82g, Magnesium: 0.06g, Sodium: 0.45g, Omega 3 Fatty Acids: 0.55g, EPA: 0.13g, DHA: 0.16g, Ratio n-3:n-6: 1:3, Water: 7.4g

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