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Kittyfriend Pink Cat Litter - 30 Litre By Sanicat




Previously Sanicat Pink

Effective hygiene from clay.

Lightweight cat litter that efficiently absorbs and controls odours, Sanicat Pink is deigned for cat owners who don't want complications.

Pink Litter

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Excellent service ...excellent speedy delivery..del7very too pricey tho


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Love this litter, and my favourite colour is pink. Cats have no problem using it and they are quite fussy

Never again!

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Bought this when my usual brand was out of stock. Would never buy it again.
1. The stuff has an unpleasant smell even before the cats use it.
2. It does not absorb properly - unless I completely emptied the cat loo every day they were standing in their own urine.

and - most importantly

3 The pink dye came off on their feet and both cats were very sick after trying to lick it off.

AWFUL and dyes tour cat orange

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This stuff is awful. This was all we could get during current world circumstances and so although it's a bit more expensive than our usual litter we thought we would give it a go. We have long haired cats who now have orange feet. This stuff is horrid.


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All other reviews are done I think by cat owners, my review is different. I dont have any cats but buy two 30ltr bags at a time. It's the best price I can find with good service and delivery so no complaints. Why do I buy it then? I grow bonsai and they need special growing conditions one of these conditions is the soil mix and at this time of year I'm repotting a lot. Approximately 50% of this mix is made up from cat litter but not all cat litters are the same. This litter I believe is made from a fired clay and what is good about it is that it doesn't break down when it gets wet. Other makes that I've tried break down into a mushy clay mix which becomes very sticky. So I use sanicat pink non clumping and up to now it works great, wonderful stuff and cats think so as well.

Best bonsai akadama substitute on the market!

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Anybody looking for an alternative to expensive akadama soil for bonsai repots - look no further. This cat litter product provides the right substitute and it smells nice too!

Seriously I would buy this product again when repotting season is upon me in 2021. The clay particle size is larger than the old Tesco's alternative but looks better and is a closer approximation to akadama.


Turns cats paws pink

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The litter was sold while it was out of stock and was told on the last day of delivery which I wasn't happy with.
The litter is OK but it turns cats paws pink and is most definitely not good for them to clean thier own paws and it's also very dusty.
I purchased it while it was on offer so the price was good.

Heavy litter delivered

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I find it difficult to buy clay based litter from the supermarkets, to have it delivered is great. Great price

Sanicat Pet Litter

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Very good price and quick delivery. Have used this product for many years now and it suits me and my cat.

However, this delivery will last me a long time as I have just one cat now.

pink cat litter

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Much cheaper our kitten Misty loves it though his white patches are a bit pink now!!


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We have used Sanicat pink for years now because it does its job and doesn`t clump together thus only the bit that is fouled has to be thrown away. We have 12 cats all of whom were feral when born but are now fully domesticated, so we have 3 litter trays spread discreetly around the house for emergencies as all the cats stay in overnight. Sanicat seems to mask the smell very well, the only down side is that it stains items pink if you are not careful. We will continue to use Sanicat pink for as long as we have cats.

Cat litter

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Cant get this product in our local shops , it's the only 1 I use so great value for money

Amazing! !!!

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My cats will only ever use this litter, absorbs well has a slight scent but turns paws pink which I don't mind