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Purina ONE Adult Chicken and Whole Grains Dry Cat Food - 3kg By Purina ONE




Manufacturer's View

Purina ONE Adult is specifically formulated to meet the complete nutritional needs of Adult cats (aged 1-7 years) who need a complete and balanced diet to help stay in the best of health. ACTILEA is a unique nutritional formula within PURINA ONE designed to help keep your cat's natural defences strong and to deliver a wave of positive effects to help support her health, so you can enjoy her visibly great condition knowing she's great on the inside too. Purina ONE with ACTILEA formula helps support your cat's healthy immune system today and tomorrow. 

Key Benefits: 

High Nutrient Absorption
Tartar build-up reduction by up to 40%*
Healthy urinary tract promoted by balanced minerals
Healthy skin and shiny coat supported by Omega 6 fatty acids and zinc
Helps maintain strong and healthy bones thanks to minerals and vitamin D 



Chicken (17%), wholegrain wheat (17%), dried poultry protein, maize, maize gluten meal, animal fat, maize grits, dried chicory root (2%), wheat gluten meal, minerals, digest, yeast (1%), fish oil. 


Nutrition and Analytical Constituents

Analytical Constituents:  Protien: 34%, Fat content: 14%, Crude ask: 7.5%, Crude Fibres: 2%, Omega 6 Fatty Acids: 2%. Additives: IU/kg: Vit A: 33 000; Vit D3: 1 000; Vit E: 690 mg/kg: Vit C: 140; Taurine: 700; Fe(E1): 225; I(E2): 2.9; Cu(E4): 45; Mn(E5): 94; Zn(E6): 380; Se(E8): 0.25 With antioxidants.


Daily Feeding Guide

Recommended daily amount (g/day):
Cat Weight Quantity 
2-4 kg : 35-65 g
4-6 kg : 65-100 g
6-8 kg : 100-130 g

Take the Purina ONE 3 Week Challenge and put Purina ONE to the test!

The Purina ONE 3 Week Challenge has made a visible difference to so many cats. Take the challenge for yourself by feeding your cat Purina ONE for just 3 weeks and you could see a visibly healthier cat.

Over 3 weeks you could see:

Week 1 – Your cat’s overall health and vitality could be enhanced by the high quality, complete and balanced nutrition of Purina ONE
Week 2 – You could notice the visible difference in improved digestion through your cat’s firmer stools
Week 3 – You could notice the visible difference Purina ONE has made to your cat’s wellbeing and appearance including a shiny coat, healthy skin and bright eyes.

By the end of the challenge, the unique formula in Purina ONE is working to help support your cat’s healthy immune system, helping her to stay healthy now and for years to come.

Purina ONE Visible health for today and tomorrow.

Great food for my cats

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We made a change to this food last year because James Wellbeloved was becoming a little too expensive.
This was the only food they would accept as a substitute and there hasn’t been any change to them in terms of digestion or their health. They still have lovely glossy coats.
I wanted to order the larger bag but it was out of stock so we changed to this. It’s better value to buy the larger bag though.


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My fur-babies love this! The price is very competitive & the service is excellent!


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I use this company for my puddies orders. Carefully packaged & arrives on time.

Bella is bouncing with these biscuits!


#prettykitty Bella helped me open her packet of #PurinaOne from #InsidersUK she could hardly wait until her next feeding time and then sat hunched over the bowl eating for at least 5 minutes, which is unusual, considering she is usually a grazer with her food.

My cat loves Purina One DualNature rich in chicken


I try to vary my cat’s food because she is a bit fussy; she likes variety in both wet and dry food. Hence, I am always open to introduce to her new flavours of her favourite brands and to try new brands of cat food. The Purina One DualNature that we received is rich in chicken, one of Phoebe’s favourite flavours. The new Purina One DualNature has taken my cat Phoebe immediately from the first day. I placed a few kibbles in her bowl and Yum, she immediately ate them, no fuss, no problem, and she was even asking for more. Phoebe likes the new dual texture of the kibbles, some crunchier and some softer, because she seems to chew easier. Like my food, I want my cat’s food to be as natural as possible, no preservatives, no artificial colourants or flavouring, which Purina One DualNature delivers. Besides, spirulina, the blue-green algae that Purina One DualNature contains, supports a cat’s immune system. Hence this might be the reason my cat is more alert and playful and even her fur looks healthier. By feeding my cat Purina One DualNature with high quality of healthy ingredients and protein, I support her healthy digestive tract and a healthy immune system. Purina One DualNature, rich in chicken, is our new dry food favourite and already on the shopping list.

Purina ONE DualNature


My first impressions were of the bag and I thought it was really good with the resealable opening. My cat did not take well to this food at first and she refused to eat and this isn't like her! A couple of days later she began to eat the food when it was put down and is quite happy now!

Harvey gives it 5 star


From the moment I unpacked this from its sleek packaging my cat Harvey was all over it. He couldn’t wait to get tucked into it.
I could tell by looking at the product once I had filled his bowl it was of better quality than some cheaper alternatives. Five stars from us.

Coco loved this food, unfortunately didnt agree


The food was just the right size bites for Coco's little mouth. She absolutely loved it and kept looking at me like I was going to steal it from her LOL. The only problem I have now is that she wont leave me alone wanting to be fed again! Lovely size bag that should last a while, providing i dont give into her demands! So unfortunately after a couple of days coco started being sick after eating this food and stopped eating. Didnt seem to agree with her, but quickly resolved when I moved back to her normal food

Happy cat, happy cat mum!


Extremely pleased with this food, my cat can be very fussy and initially like a food only to decide he doesn’t like it a few days later. He hasn’t done this with his dualnature. He finishes his bowl and looks for more! Going to be keeping him on this and maybe just vary what flavour I get him!
Thank you

Jasper loves it


Inman he goes out ten mins round block back he has jasper now sits waits to be fed he is much more active and still loves food only trouble had to hid bag from him his nose would be in am really impressed shared voucher with my daughter she has 2 cats perisans and there loving it to can't tk you enough letting jasper try this cause has said before he's fussy would never of ate dry food but boy have we changed our mind he drinks his water to never seen him touch water before but he get drink almost every day so defenatly brillant alway loved wet food have tried dry food before no success but this box arrived Jasper nose in straight away he likes boxes so put him some out one very happy boy bowl clean can't believe it but was day one roll on 3 day guess who's still loving purina one dual one happy owner

My cat love the food!


My cat loves the food I feed it to at least 2 times a day he can smell it from a mile away.
He good for his teeth and his immune system will be buying this from him again.
He likes this better than his wet food and this is good for him I’m so glad.

My cat review


My cat really enjoyed this she is a fussy eater but this one she enjoyed she ate all of it. I have at this for over a week now and My can looks forward to having this for her breakfast she loves. So thanks again for a great product.

My little purina piggy


So here we are, my fussy kitty cat is now eating this food like it’s going out of fashion. She was a rescue cat so never really ate much, we tried so many different types of food with her and threw a lot of it away, not her fault to be honest but very wasteful. We were keen to try an all in one food for her but noticed some of the other brands had a lot of sugar in them, most annoying :( why would cats need sugar? Anyway after nearly climbing into the bag we hoped this would be the one. No complaints so far she seems to tuck right on in there, coming up for air every now and again. She really seems to like it, only eats a bowl a day but she has never been a big eater, more of a grazer, it’s nice because it can be left all day and she can eat when she wants. I think she seems a lot happier on this and seems more playful, starting to mug me on the top of the stairs and charging around like a numpty. Thanks for giving us the chance to try this, it was a last option :)

My Cat loves this !


My cat can be pretty picky but he absolutely loves these biscuits ! He can’t wait to have them for tea every night and he even likes getting a few of them as treats throughout the day. I’ve even had to hide the bag as he sniffs it out!He looks a lot healthier and his coat it beautiful and shiny after eating these biscuits for a couple of weeks , I definitely recommended!

Tasty New Alternative!


I've been looking for an alternative to my cat's usual sugary supermarket bought cat food as I wanted something healthier for him. I was worried he wouldn't like it, as he can be a bit fussy, but he gobbled it up! He much prefers dry food to wet and my vet recommended trying him on a dry-only-diet if possible. I was unsure which one to go with, but it seems I might have found a winner! It seems nutritionally sound and something he actually likes so I think I'll definitely be continuing him on it for a while! Thanks so much for letting me review, it's definitely been a hit in our household though!

Love it!


My cat tends to be fussy with her dry food especially if it’s something different to what she normally has however she has absolutely loved this!! She seems to be a lot more active have more energy and her coat has gone lovely after having it! Would definitely recommend it to others!!



My cat Tiger loves this... she keeps coming in and sitting next to the cupboard where its being kept
Does not smell which some foods do and she obviously loves it also she seems so much more energetic

My cat loves it!


My cat really liked it and let me tell you he can be very fussy! I liked how the bag opens and closes on the side, it’s very practical. I will definitely buy it when this bag is gone.

Purina One goodness


I was a little dubious about starting my cat on a new branded dry food as previously she had been so fussy but wow what a surprise this dual nature with spirulina kibble biscuit has been!! I started off mixing it with her usual food but I really shouldn't have bothered as she just went straight for the Purina kibbles and left her old biscuits in her bowl. She now meows for this more than for her wet food which we are not worried about as we know she is getting plenty of protein and essential nutrients from these kibbles. We would recommend these for even the fussiest of cats if the crunching sound from our cats eating area is anything to go by it will be greatly appreciated!!

Cat loves it!


My cat who can be quite fussy absolutely loves this. It went down really well. Definitely would recommend to friends and family. Got to try the other flavours now!!!!

Very impressed


I’m not going to lie I wouldn’t have brought Purina as I always thought it was over priced....well how wrong was I! My cat is a fussy eater with both wet and dry food ( which is why I begrudge trying many brands) so I tend to stick to the same one. This is worth every penny and lasts longer than I imagined! My cat seems to enjoy this more than his other and is clearing his bowl quicker

Teddy love it


Teddy is normally quite a fussy cat as she is spoilt. So introducing a new food I was abit apprehensive. I shouldn’t have worried at all she ate them straight away with no fuss. The biscuits are small enough for her to eat them easily and they don’t smell to bad either. I will definitely buy these in the future.

Would highly reccomend


I was very sceptical trying the Purina one with my cat as she is very fussy and took us a long time to find a dry food that she would eat.
To my surprise my cat went straight in and seems to really enjoy it as she hasn't turned it down yet,we are currently eating the chicken flavour and I'm looking forward to trying other flavours with her.
I personally will most likely continue to purchase this product and it is Alot healthier for my cat compared to a well known brand I am using.
I would highly reccomend anyone who cares for their cats health like I do to try this.

Molly loves these biscuits


Molly loves these crunchy biscuits so much that she miaows when her bowl is empty and she isn’t a vocal cat usually
Great crunchy little biscuits but I think I’d have to watch how much she consumes as she would litter eat these all day long
Resealable bag split open on first use so that’s the only downside to me
Will definitely be getting these again. Well done Purina

Kitty approves


My furry baby certainly enjoyes the taste of the new Purina and after a couple of weeks of him having it, I've noticed a new shine to his coat! The only thing I'm not too thrilled about is that since my cat is eating this food, his litter box is a bit smellier than usual - but that might be the spirulina. All in all, would recommend