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Pro Plan Delicate Sensitive Digestion & Skin Adult Turkey Dry Cat Food - 3kg By Pro Plan



Pro Plan Cat Delicate Dry Cat Food - 3kg

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A complete adult cat food for cats with delicate digestion and renal complications.

Providing excellent, targeted nutrition and support for adults cats with sensitive digestion, PRO PLAN DELICATE with OPTIRENAL is a scientifically designed combination of ingredients including amino acids, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. If your cat suffers from delicate digestion and renal complications, then it's important to feed the right food that meets their dietary requirements. Fussy eating can be a sign of other potentially serious health problems, but most of the time it's because your cat hasn't been fed a food it likes. Our delicious recipe is packed with essential nutrients and mouth-watering ingredients like turkey, that we're sure your cat will love.

PRO PLAN DELICATE with OPTIRENAL is our unique formulation that helps to promote healthy kidneys*. OPTIRENAL is a scientifically designed blend of ingredients including amino acids, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. We have combined these with our delicate recipe for adult cats with sensitive digestion. 
*Nestle Purina PetCare 2008 study on 40 adult domestic short hair cats' during 3 months in Nestle Purina PetCare Centres. Study conducted over 6 weeks where cats fed a diet containing OPTIRENAL exhibited a significant reduction in urine isoprostanes compared to the control group

PRO PLAN DELICATE with OPTIRENAL supports a healthy immune system through high levels of antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamins C and E. It also works towards promoting a healthy digestion system in cats with delicate renal complications.

Our complete and balanced adult cat food helps improve food tolerance due to a restricted number of protein sources which limits the risk of reaction to food.

PRO PLAN DELICATE with OPTIRENAL is a taste cats love. Our crunchy kibbles are specially formulated with high quality ingredients including turkey. Your cat will taste the difference!



Turkey (18%)
Maize Gluten Meal
Pea Protein Concentrate
Dehydrated Turkey Protein
Animal Fat
Dried Egg
Maize Starch
Fish Oil


Nutrition and Analytical Constituents

Fat content:18.0%
Crude ash:7.0%
Crude fibres:0.5.%
Nutritional AdditivesIU/kg:
Vit A:32 600
Vit D3:1 060
Vit E:720
Vit C:140
With antioxidants



Daily Feeding Guide

Recommended daily amount (g/day):
Cat Weight: 2-4 kg, Quantity: 30-60 g
Cat Weight: 4-6 kg, Quantity: 60-90 g
Cat Weight: 6-8 kg, Quantity: 90-120 g

Feeding quantities required to maintain ideal body condition will vary, depending on age, activity and environment. Watch your cat's weight and adjust food amounts accordingly.

Clean, fresh drinking water should always be available. For your cat's health, consult your veterinarian regularly.

If you are switching your cat to PRO PLAN from another food (even a complete dry food that seems quite similar) you will need to phase the 'old' food out over a period of 10 days, whilst introducing PRO PLAN in increasing amounts. Don't forget to provide fresh water at all times.


All PRO PLAN® products are formulated to make the most of high-quality ingredients, delivering efficient nutrient absorption and targeted benefits at every stage of life. In fact, we are so sure your pet will love it, that we are offering the chance to try PRO PLAN® risk free, with 100% money back guarantee*.

Terms and conditions apply, see https://www.purina.co.uk/brands/proplan/money-back-guarantee for more details.

Terms and conditions apply, see https://www.purina.co.uk/brands/proplan/cat/liveclear/money-back-guarantee for more details.

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Great for Sensitive Tummies!

by -

My little floof, Olive, developed some food intolerances a few months ago and we've had to be incredibly careful ever since to make sure we don't include anything in her diet that can trigger a vomiting episode. Add to this her tendency to get bored of eating the same old thing day in day out, it's been fantastic to have found the Purina ProPlan for Delicate Digestion! Safe to say it's a huge paws up from little Olive, who comes running as soon as she hears the bag and purrs with contentment as soon as she gets a taste. And most importantly, no poorly tum! We'll absolutely be keeping this in her rotation going forwards. PS - it's also a hit with Olive's brother, Milo, who likes to try and steal it from her bowl at any opportunity!

It's a winner with my cat

by -

My cat suffers from a sensitive tummy, often throwing up good within the hour, I've tried her with this and can say not only does it stay down, she really seems to enjoy it. She's actually put weight on. I'd highly recommend this food if your cat is sensitive to other dry foods.

Decent quality food!

by -

I have a British shorthair who is fussy and has sensitive stomach. He took to this food straight away and always finishes it. Food hasn’t triggered any allergies or caused any digestive issues. I would recommend to give it a go if your cat is a diva and is particular about their food like mine is.

Fussy Cat

by -

My fussy feline refuses most dry food and when she does she regularly suffers an upset stomach. After slowly introducing this new food into her diet she has eventually took a liking to it. The kibble is small which is perfect for her small frame.

Yummy for a maine coons tummy

by -

My girl Toffee has a bit of a food intolerance so often gets an upset stomach. I wasn't sure if this would be any good for her but I thought I would give it a go. She loves it, didn't even give me a chance to put her food down. I also noticed no upset tummy during the time on the food so I will be getting this for her.

Good stuff

by -

I have 2 cats,one has a cast iron stomach and the other is completely the opposite.the simplest change in diet can end with fluid flying out of both ends.have tried other 'sensitive' cat goods with little success but this appears to be working and i cant give higher praise than that.the cat seems relaxed And content,wide eyed and affectionate without any unpleasant side effects so far.thumbs up from me

Happy kitty

by -

My cat can be quite fussy at times she will and does turn her nose up at things. She eats the biscuits no problem, and she must love them as when she sees me hold he bag shes right there ready for them. Not only that, but the main purpose is she doesnt take too great to some food as gives her upset stomach and also her fur she pulls at and take out, there must be some additives she doesnt agree with in some other products but her stomach and skin has soothed so this is great not only for her but for me too knowing shes more comfortable

Seems to benefit my sensitive cat

by -

This stuff seems good quality.the cat eats it without fuss, doesn't puke it back up and does solid stools afterwards so its a win win win for me👍

Good quality food

by -

Have been looking for a sensitive cat food for one of my beasts and this appears to work well.eaten with no fuss,no puke later and solid poo's.the holy trifecta.

Excellent Dry Food

by -

My very fussy fur baby loves this dry food. He's eating good amounts, which is sometimes difficult too get him to do, he's really excited at food times and his sensitive tummy seems to be quite settled. He's even climbed up on the shelf where his food lives and tired to break into the purina pro plan bag. I'm really impressed with this food.

Great Product and Great packaging

by -

My cat had a bit of a sensitive stomach before switching to the delicate digestion dry food and would be sick after eating foods and very picky about certain food which was difficult. The purina blend is gentle on his stomach and he loves it. It’s nicely sized so there’s less mess when he’s eating it and the packaging is great too. Great seal so no stale biscuits and even a little handle on the side.

Great product

by -

This is a great product which our cats love being sold at a good price at the moment.

Excellent dry food

by -

Excellent dry food - would highly recommend it. It is the only one which suits one of my cats who has a very sensitive tummy.

Pro pl

by -

One of my cats suffers with a very delicate stomach, we tried various foods but only Pro Plan Cat Delicate dry cat food has proved to be totally acceptable. Very thankful!

My cats love it

by -

My Siamese suffered from pancreatitis, I've found this food suits him. The vet recommend a certain food which is almost twice the price of this one, but after a few years with no issues, I looked for a cheaper alternative. Tried some which didn't suit him, but he has been fine on this.

Pro Plan Delicate - Healthy option for elderly cats

by -

We have two elderly cats and they have always enjoyed this product. It is especially good for them as as well as looking after their digestion it is better for their kidneys than some of the other dried food available.

Helps with sensitive tummy issues

by -

I’ve been struggling to find a good dry cat food that suits both of my cats. One has a very sensitive tummy and suffers from diarrhoea, whilst the other has no tummy issues but is extremely fussy! We’ve gone through two varieties of Royal Canin and Wainright’s amongst others. This brand is eaten by both, and has firmed up the stools of my sensitive Persian cat. I’m happy and they’re happy...long may it continue!

Proplan sensitive dried cat food.

by -

One of my cats has a really sensitive tummy. We tried various foods but Proplan is the only one which has proved to be suitable for him, with all his adverse symptoms kept at bay.

Sensitive stomach kibble

by -

Got this for my cats after my smaller cat had some sensitive stomach issues - as soon as I put this down they both chomp into it and little ones tummy has been much better. Good price and quick delivery - I’ll buy again

Great for cats with digestion issues

by -

One of the few foods my cat with digestion issues can eat.

Good food for sensitive digestion

by -

I have five cats of various breeds who have sensitive stomachs and some food intolerances. These biscuits are readily eaten, tolerated well and appear gentle on their sensitive stomachs.
They also enjoy the Delicate wet food produced in the same range.

Best price anywhere

by -

I have two cats, one of which has a sensitive stomach. Both cats love this food and my cat with the sensitive stomach has no problems anymore. I mix pro pan with purina one sensitive for variety and it cuts costs down. This Pro plan delicate is the best price that I can find in store and online,

Pro Plan Cat Delicate Dry Cat Food

by -

This product does exactly 'as it says on the packet'. A very well balanced support for cats with digestive and renal issues. It helps to promote healthy kidneys. It support a healthy digestive system which is completely balanced ingredients.


by -

Fed my cats this for years and they love it

Suits all my cats

by -

Great product. Not all of my 7 cats have a sensitive tummy but I feed it to all of them as they all like it.