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PetShopBowl is an online business that sells pet food and pet supplies and offers a unique subscription service called Bottomless Bowl - so pet owners never have to worry or run out of their favourite food. They are a young company with a team of friendly, helpful staff dedicated to saving customers time and money. PetShopBowl have grown rapidly in the past two years and are passionate about making a positive impact on the pet industry.

Business Facts

PetShopBowl is an online business who specialises in pet food and pet supplies. PetShopBowl is dedicated to making your pet happy. We are a young, vibrant and compassionate company committed to providing excellent customer service and saving you time and money. We are passionate about making a positive impact on the industry and it is our aim to make buying pet supplies as quick and easy as possible for our customers which is why we created our totally unique subscription service for pet supplies; Bottomless Bowl.

Company History

PetShopBowl was founded in 2010 by couple Adam Taylor and Lexi Tamasan. After being unemployed the pair decided to turn their lives around and start a business together. The idea of PetShopBowl came from Adams personal experience; His mother suffers from chronic arthritis and struggled to carry heavy bags of pet food and so PetShopBowl was created with the intention of helping less able customers and is dedicated to making a positive impact on the industry. Adam said "My goal was to find something I am passionate about so going to work was not a bore but something I look forward too" and then "success will be a by-product of that passion and energy". The business was started in London but after outgrowing their premises PetShopBowl relocated to a warehouse in Stratford-Upon-Avon. They currently employ 6 staff and have hopes of doubling this amount in 2013. We have reached our target of making over £1m in revenue in 2012 and hope to make over £3m in the next year alone.

Products and Services

PetShopBowl sell pet food, medicines, supplies, etc. We stock all major brands and currently offer over 10,000 products. We also offer a great subscription service to pet food; Bottomless Bowl to ensure that our customers never have to run out of pet food again. We offer next day delivery nationwide and free delivery on all orders over £19.99. As a team of pet owners ourselves we understand our customers needs and that helps us to provide the best possible service to them. As a result we have over 15,000 loyal customers.

Exciting News

PetShopBowl have won many business awards including the Prince’s Trust Go for Growth awards 2012, ERDF outstanding business growth award 2012, Pride of Stratford 2012 and they have been nominated for Pride of Stratford 2013.They have recently employed three apprentices on the governments apprentice scheme and are passionate about helping young people gain skills and experience whilst also growing and improving their business. Adam is an inspiration for many young people struggling to find work and he gives regular speeches for the National Young Enterprise Programme. PetShopBowl are also a generous company and have offered Dogs Trust 10,000 bags of Beta dog food.


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