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Vetzyme Conditioning Tablets By Bob Martin

£3.56 to £35.78
£3.56 to £35.78



- Essential for Life Health & Vitality
- Ideal as a Healthy Treat
- Complements all dogs diets

These tasty yeast tablets contain vitamins and minerals important to your dog’s health and fitness and complement all diets.

These original Vetzyme conditioning tablets provide a natural source of B-complex vitamins that help to guard against nervousness poor coat and skin trouble and help maintain good health and vitality.

Feed every day as B-complex vitamins are water-soluble they cannot be stored in the body to any great extent.

Helps maintain a shiny healthy coat and skin Suitable for puppies and dogs especially in times of need like illness stress & pregnancy Helps support natural immune system Helps to guard against nervousness Typically 98% fat-free


1 - 5kg(Toy & Small Breeds)...........1 - 4 Tablets
6 - 15kg(Medium Dogs).................4 - 8 Tablets
16 - 30kg(Large Breeds)..............8 - 12 Tablets
30kg+(Very Large Breeds)..........12 - 20 Tablets

Pregnant & Nursing Bitches - Double the normal daily intake.
Puppies aged 6 weeks and over - 1 Tablet daily per 0.9kg (2lb) bodyweight. Crush and mix with food.

They are also ideal to feed during times of need such as pregnancy stress and illness.


Conditioning Tablets--Every owner likes to give their pets treatsbut too many can lead to weight problems.-With Vetzyme ConditioningTablets you have the joy of giving pets a delicious treat -withoutthe concern of them being overweight as they are 100% goodness98% fat free-and free of artificial flavours.-

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