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Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Tasty Mix Rabbit Food - 5kg By Supreme Petfoods




•Nutritionally complete & balanced diet
•Promotes natural foraging behaviour
•Specifically formulated for rabbits of all breeds
•Enhances digestive health & dental wear with optimum fibre levels
•High in fibre – 14% with Lucerne known for its high quality
•Unique Alfalfa Extrusions to provide high fibre with high palatability
•Carefully blended natural raw materials for interest and enjoyment
•No added sugar to reduce the likelihood of obesity
•Nutritionally optimised to provide high quality dietary satisfaction

This new bag format provides a consumer friendly 5kg size suitable for medium height shelf merchandising instead of laying on the lowest shelf therefore guaranteeing faster off the shelf velocity. With a new carry strap for easier consumer handling the format looks neater on the shelf takes up less shelf height and is easier to carry out of the shop.

Russel Rabbit Original Russel Rabbit Original is a complete food for rabbits. Based on alfalfawhich is naturally rich in protein and fibre. The high quality visuallyappealing mix of unique ingredients is not only digested more easily thanconventional rabbit mixes it also provides the correct balance to addressrabbits' nutritional needs and includes many fibrous ingredients to helpthe wearing down of rabbits' continually growing teeth.

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