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Canagan Small Breed Free-Run Chicken Dry Dog Food - 2kg By Canagan



Average cost per day (200g):


Average cost per week:


Average length 1 bag will last:

10 days

Suitable For:

Adult Small Breeds

* Calculation based on a average sized (20kg) dog being fed 200g per day as per brand guidelines.

PetShopBowl Summary:

  • Description: Canagan Free-Run Chicken dry dog food is a grain-free, all-natural food, made with fresh meat and vegetables, which benefit your dog in every way.  
  • Pet Effects: With the amazing free-range fresh chicken flavour, even the fussiest dogs will be licking their bowls clean. 
  • Allergenic Level (outcome): The grain-free aspect helps control food intolerances and allergies, like itchy skin/coat.
  • Product benefit - High quality meat which is easily digestable, promoting a healthy gut. All natural with no artifical colours, flavourings or preservatives.
  • Meat source & %: 26% Fresh free-run chicken and 25% dried chicken.


Canagan Description:

Our Canagan Small Breed Free-Run Chicken has a smaller kibble which is perfect for the smaller dog. Canagan Free-Run Chicken is a special grain free dog food formulated by our experts to deliver nutrition, close to their ancestral diet, with the correct ratio of protein to carbohydrate and a host of vegetables and botanicals. This carefully balanced, nutrient dense formula will excite your dog's taste buds and give them the abundance of highly digestible protein demanded by their evolutionary needs.


PetShopBowl’s View:

Canagan dog Food is a 100% complete diet for your small breed. Your companion will get all the nutrition they need just from this product.

So, how does it keep my dog healthy and active?

  1. Chicken high in protein, vitamins, phosphorous and selenium.
  2. Boosts and supports your dog's immune system, with all natural ingredients. 
  3. Sweet potato provides antioxidants, slow release energy and fibre. 
  4. Seaweed contains iodine and minerals. 
  5. Camomile, Marigold & Cranberry stimulates the production of white blood-cells, promotes a healthy urinary tract, and can help to reduce stress.



Freshly Prepared Deboned Chicken (26%), Dried Chicken (25%), Sweet Potato, Peas, Potato, Pea Protein, Alfalfa, Chicken Fat (3.1%), Dried Egg (3.1%), Chicken Gravy (1.6%), Salmon Oil (1.2%), Minerals, Vitamins, Glucosamine (1000 mg/kg), MSM (1000 mg/kg), Apple, Carrot, Spinach, Psyllium, Seaweed, Fructooligosaccharides, Chondroitin (700 mg/kg), Camomile, Peppermint, Marigold, Cranberry, Aniseed & Fenugreek.


Nutritional Component






Crude ash


Crude fibres



Omega 6



Omega 3






Vitamin A

16, 250 iu

Vitamin D3

2,400 iu

Vitamin E240 iu

Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate



Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate


Manganous Sulphate Monohydrate


Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate


Calcium Iodate Anhydrous


Sodium Selenite







Dog Weight

Daily Amount

Shih Tzu
Jack Russell

White Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier




Border Collie

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
King Charles Spaniel






Siberian Husky




Great Dane
St Bernard

Blood Hound

Extra Large





Please note: Who likes cereal without milk?  Always provide plenty of clean fresh water for your dog too!

This information is provided as a guide only. Please refer to the product packaging for full details.

The feeding quantities are based on moderately active dogs at normal environmental temperatures. Individual feeding needs depend on many factors, including weight, age, size, activity and environment, and therefore feeding amounts vary and should be adjusted as required to maintain a lean, healthy body weight.

PetShopBowl Advice: Dogs are natural predators and tend to not like cold food. To improve how tasty the food is for your dog try providing it at room temperature.


PetShopBowl Review on Canagan Dog Food:


Ratings & Reviews

120 reviews

A successful trial of a new food for our dog

by -

I purchased this as a sale item. It was new to our dog, but was demolished in no time! This is the first time that he has eaten his dried food immediately, as it usually hangs about getting snacked on until next meal time. A definite "yes" from him!

Finally I found the one she likes!

by -

I have been feeding my Cavapoochon this food for almost a year having tried numerous options beforehand that she shunned!! She will only eat it mixed with wet food but she clears the bowl!

Satisfying a very fussy Cavapoo!

by -

My Cavapoo is VERY fussy, and turns her nose up at most dry food. And she demands variety in her wet food... These Canagan Chicken biscuits are the only thing she never turns her nose up at, she eats them dry or mixed with her wet food.

Great shaped kibble and good quality ingredients

by -

We tried this kibble as when our puppy reached one year old and transitioned onto adult food, he struggled with the size of the kibble pieces. This variety is specifically tailored for small breeds like our little maltipoo. The pieces are O shaped and nice and small - he has taken to them really well. Although expensive they are high quality with good high protein content and therefore the total amount needed per day is lower than other cheaper brands (which is also useful for a fussy pup!). We will definitely buy again and try the other flavours.

Fussy dog loves it

by -

My smaller dog is a very fussy eater so when I bought this I expected her to turn her nose up at it like most other foods. I was pleasantly surprised as she now clears the bowl on every meal.

Very Happy

by -

Very pleased indeed with the choice and speed of delivery. Scruff is a very finicky eater but likes this.

Perfect for our VERY fussy eater!

by -

Our dog is VERY fussy and refuses to eat nearly everything (she isn't spoilt!) This is the only small dog biscuit she will eat, we mix it with wet food mostly but sometimes leave a small bowl out for her to nibble. She isn't a greedy dog and sometimes we worry she hardly eats a thing... so were very pleased to find this for her. She seems to love it!

Clean plate every time

by -

Was recommended this product by a friend and my Rolo 5mths absolutely loves it.

Healthy dry dog food

by -

A pet shop recommended this because one of my little dogs has an allergy. She did stop itching. I also believe it has a high meat percentage. Anyway - my dogs love it. I but I buy it on line now as it is the same price as the pet shop with free delivery - if you buy 2. Great product. Healthy.

Lots of protein

by -

My dog was suffering from itchy skin and the pet shop recommended this product . The itching stopped and my dogs are happy and healthy. Seems a nutritious product.


by -

Service good and my puppy loves the food

First class company and product.

by -

Really helpful assistance and very quick delivery.


by -

fast delivery just didnt get an email a few days prior to delivery

Fussy dog

by -

My Maltese is a very fussy eater and is allergic to most things in life. We were recommended by the vet to try canagan dog food and we haven’t looked back, he loves the chicken and country game. Great product! Been purchasing it now for over 2 years! When it goes on sale I stock up!

Fussy dog

by -

My Maltese is a very fussy eater and is allergic to most things in life. We were recommended by the vet to try canagan dog food and we haven’t looked back, he loves the chicken and country game. Great product! Been purchasing it now for over 2 years! When it goes on sale I stock up!

excellent service

by -

quick delivery would be nice to reduce price for repeat orders

Excellent Quality Food

by -

The only food my Shih Tzu can eat without her allergy flaring up! She loves this food!

Canagan as a product

by -

Canagan is a very good quality of dog biscuits that started my puppy off to a great structure of a good balance diet and will carry on till he comes a senior dog and not changing a great deal just moving up slowly between the range of canagan that they have


by -

My dog has tried many different dry food but Canagan is the best.My dog has got more energy and his coat is so shiny.He looks forward to meal times and there is never anything left in his bowl.

excellent service

by -

excellent service and quick delivery

My dogs love this!

by -

I have two dogs and one of them is really fussy with food but he absolutely loves Canagan's. Would highly recommend

Canagan Small Breed Frèe-run Chicken Dry Dog Food

by -

My 2 Lhasa Apso's absolutely love this food , it's great to see them in such good health, would highly recommend it. Thank you for your service.


by -

Great quality of ingredients


by -

quality food at a quality price by a quality company (and friendly with it)


by -

Good dog food