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DrontaI Tasty Bone XL Wormer Tablets, Convenient for Large Dogs (Over 20kg) - 1 Tablet By Dronta



DrontaI Tasty Bone dog wormer is for the treatment of every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK dogs.

Kills all types of intestinal worms commonly found in UK dogs (Inc. Roundworms, Whipworms, Hookworms and Tapeworms)
Tasty bone, meat flavoured tablets – a treat to give with or without food
Vet strength formula, fast and effective worming treatment for dogs
Winner of “best worming product” for dogs - As voted for by readers of Your Dog magazine

Why Choose DrontaI Dog Tasty Bone Tablets for Large Dogs?
Dronta Tasty Bone worming tablets work fast to kill every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK dogs, giving you peace of mind that you are helping keep internal parasites away from your pet and family.

Kills all types of intestinal worms commonly found in UK dogs (Inc. Roundworms, Whipworms, Hookworms and Tapeworms)
Highly effective and fast-acting treatment for worms in dogs
Dronta Dog Tasty Bone is meat flavoured, to make worming easy
Can be given any time - with food or on an empty stomach
Vet strength formula, conveniently available without a prescription
Winner of “best worming product” for dogs - As voted for by readers of Your Dog

Dogs can pick up worms without you even realising it, as they often show few, if any, noticeable signs of infection and they can steal the valuable nutrients your dog needs to live a happy and healthy life. If left untreated, worms can lead to serious health complications for you and your family. DrontaI Dog Tasty Bone XL Tablets are highly-effective and make worming easy. You might not know if your dog has intestinal worms, but you can trust DrontaI to help combat them.

For oral administration only.
For dogs weighing:
20-35kg = 1 tablet
>35-52.5kg = 1.5 tablets
>52.5-70kg = 2 tablets

How often should I worm my dog?
Research has shown that the majority of dogs in the UK should be wormed monthly, based on their home environment and lifestyle such as scavenging, spending time outdoors off their lead and even access to back gardens.* However, there may be situations where less frequent treatment is required and it’s best to speak to your vet about the most appropriate worming frequency for your dog.
*ESCCAP Worm Control in Dogs and Cats Guidelines, Feb 2020

Below is a guide to help assess the most appropriate treatment frequency for your dog:

Each tablet contains 525mg febantel, 175mg pyrantel (equivalent to 504mg pyrantel embonate) and 175mg praziquantel.
Pack size: 1 tablet

Not for use in dogs weighing less than 7 kg.
Do not use in pregnant dogs during the 1st and 2nd third of pregnancy. A single treatment during the last third of pregnancy or during lactation has been demonstrated safe.
Keep out of sight and reach of children and wash hands after use.
Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the active substances or to any of the excipients.

From Vetoquinol UK
Marketing authorisation number: Vm 08007/4165
Use medicines responsibly. Drontal® Dog Tasty Bone XL Tablets contain febantel, praziquantel and pyrantel. NFA-VPS. Further information is available from the datasheet or Vetoquinol UK (uk_office@vetoquinol.com).

Works well

by -

I give my dog this worming tablet 1 x 4 times a year , I have to wrap it in “smelly soft cheese “ & it goes down a treat without forcing it down dogs mouth & him spitting it out

Quick order

by -

Purchased these wormers as a years supply for my Goldie. Well packaged delivered very quickly. Price here is a lot less than at veterinary practice even with postage!!

Great purchase

by -

Ordering and confirmation all very straightforward. Very quick delivery.


by -

I’ve always had drontal wormer as I find this is the only ones that work

As expected

by -


Quality Product

by -

The tablet arrives on time every 3 months. My dog will eat it if it’s mixed in with evening meal. She never suffers from worms

Excellent product

by -

I have been using Drontal for my dog for several years, during which time I have never had any problems with worms. It must taste good as he is eager to chew it up. The price is reasonable and delivery is normally quick. The service received from Petshop.co.uk is friendly and efficient.

Happy with them

by -

This is the first time I have used Drontal plus my dog seems to be ok on them . He hasn’t had any side effects . I will be purchasing them again for next time

Easy worming

by -

Drontal wormer is so easy to feed to the dogs...mine take it off my hand! Easy and effective.


by -

Great price and does a good job. Great service, will definitely use Vetshop again.

Problematic tablet administration.

by -

I have massive difficulty making my Bulldog to take tablets in any form even disguised as treats they are rejected, so if this could be provided in liquid format, it would be much easier and more convenient.

Not sure they are that tasty

by -

My more fussier St Bernard spits these out ever time, But mixing these with a bit of dog food seems to work

Great produ

by -

Excellent worming tablets. Does the job to keep my dogs in good health


by -

Good product, fast delivery. Would most decidedly recommend.


by -

My dogs happily eat them and no worms - all is good : )


by -

Does the job and my dogs think it's a treat so no trying to hide it in food or hold their mouths shut!

Drontal tablet

by -

Good price on offer.
Can't find any faults.
Pup has figured out it's medicine not a tasty treat so does need disguising

Dogs took the tablets easily

by -

Arrived fairly quickly.

So tasty they wanted a second!

by -

I always have problems getting my dogs to take tablets but this was so tasty I had to stop them trying to eat a second one! They munched it straight up without any problem. I did notice that both dogs had loose stools the next time they went but no other ill effects.

Dog takes easily no fights required!

by -

Been using this product for quite a while, easy to get our dog to take wouldn't use anything else.

Easy tablet for fussy dogs!!

by -

This is a great worming tablet for larger dogs. My Border Collie is such a pain when it comes to giving her worming tablets and
refuses to take them. I have tried hiding them in cheese or ham, but she eats those and then spits out the tablet!!! But this bone shaped one she loves and crunches it up quickly and easily!! Highly recommended if you have the same problems!!

A quality product

by -

A very good service from Pet Shop. My 11 year old female Labrador finds the tablets rather large , even when halved. It’s quite a long process to get the whole thing into her, but it does the trick.

Drontal is a good quality product

by -

Good service from this company as always. Drontal is a good quality product and one of the few wormers my dog will eat from my hand (I don't have to hide it in something). Easy to work out dosage.

Good product

by -

I use this for my German Shepherd and it suits his sensitive stomach

Drontal tasty bone wormer

by -

it’s the easiest wormer I’ve ever used. She eat it straight away, and my mums dog eat his to.