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YuMOVE Dog Joint Supplement Tablets for Dogs - 60 Tablets By Yumove




YuMOVE Dog is a premium joint supplement for dogs which soothes stiffness, safeguards long-term joint health and promotes mobility. It’s proven to work in just 6 weeks.*

● Aids stiff joints

● Supports joint structure

● Promotes mobility

● Clinically proven to work in just 6 weeks*

● The UK’s #1 veterinary joint supplement**

How does YuMOVE Dog support your dog's joints?


VitaEase™ Green Lipped Mussel from the crystal clear waters of New Zealand provides an incredibly concentrated source of Omega 3. With 4 times more active than standard versions, VitaEase™ Green Lipped Mussel is proven to soothe stiff joints.


High strength Glucosamine provides the major building blocks of cartilage.

Natural Chondroitin found in VitaEase™ Green Lipped Mussel helps to maintain healthy cartilage and joints for longer. Manganese supports collagen formation in the cartilage, tendons and ligaments.


YuMOVE Dog contains a unique form of Hyaluronic Acid proven to reach the joint within 2 hours, helping to lubricate and cushion the joint. Vitamins C & E are antioxidants which neutralise free radicals, helping to maintain joint mobility. 

• Natural ingredients

VitaEase™ Green Lipped Mussel is one of the most important constituents of YuMOVE Dog. Sustainably farmed in New Zealand,  it’s carefully harvested and vacuum extracted as fast as possible to maintain high quality standards. That's why, VitaEase™ Green Lipped Mussel contains 4 times more active ingredients than most other versions.

Key ingredients

• VitaEase™ Green Lipped Mussel   

• Glucosamine HCI

• Manganese

• Vitamins C & E 

• Hyaluronic Acid

Proven result

Following two and half years of rigorous clinical research by the Royal Veterinary College, YuMOVE is now the first joint supplement ever to be clinically proven to work in just 6 weeks. All the ingredients in YuMOVE have been carefully selected, based on the results of research that prove their beneficial effects for your dog's joints. Unlike many joint supplements, YuMOVE does not include a long list of unproven ingredients.

Feeding guidelines

Small Breeds (up to 15kg) - 1 Tablet 

Medium Breeds (16-30kg) - 2 Tablets 

Large Breeds (31-45kg) - 3 Tablets 

Very Large Breeds (Over 45kg) - 4 Tablets 

This can be given as a treat or simply added to their food daily. Double the daily recommendation for the first 4-6 weeks.  

Ratings & Reviews

148 reviews


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Was unsure if my dog would eat these as she hates fish type products. Won't eat as a treat, but broken and added to her food has proved a winner. Waiting to start to see the results in a few weeks. First time for purchasing from Pet shop. Excellent service from ordering to a speedy delivery. Will be using you again.


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We were very worried about our 4 year old German Shepherd he was limping Hip Problems for about a Month would not go up the steps or stairs had Problems getting to His Feet... we tried him on these and woww he is back to Puppyhood . These Tablets have been a Miracle .. Thank you YU Move...


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Product good. Service and delivery brilliant.


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Having found the company online I ordered the YouMove dog joint supplement. I have to say that after 1 week I could see improvement in my dog. Walking seemed so much easier. Since then I have ordered more and will keep doing so. I ordered mine by phone which was extremely easy. The staff are so good to deal with. I recommend this company to anyone requiring anything for their pets. Comes in the post in the time stated and well packaged. Reasonably priced with postage free over £20. 10/10.

Yumove works!


My old collie-cross boy is 13. He has slowed up a lot this last year, and had started to limp. He was put on daily metacalm by the vet. There was no real improvement in his mobility and after a collision with my youngest pup, he was limping very badly, needing stronger painkillers from the vet for a month. It was at this point I thought I would try Yumove, as the reviews were so good, and we had nothing to lose. He has been on them now for about 2 months and the improvement was slow, but is noticeable. He no longer limps, and his overall mobility has definitely improved. I'm so pleased that it appears to have made him more comfortable. I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to give a stiff dog a boost.

yumove triple action joint supplement


These Yumove tablets for dogs have worked wonders on our 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier and I can recommend them to anyone who has an ailing dog with rheumatism in its joints. He now seems more agile while we are out walking and not as stiff as he was before we started the Yumove.

yumove tablet is a must buy


my ellie whose a 13year old rottie has been on these for 4 weeks now.do I notice a change in her, yes we do. shes more active and playful bless her.not so stiff when getting up.she was on another supplement but these have got the green lipped mussel in them which is really good for them.would I recommend them yes I would.my ellie has to take 6 a day so I give her 3 in the morning and 3 at tea time which I might just add ellie get these with chicken wrapped around them.so I know she takes them .you gotta be crafty when you got such an intelligent dog,i got the bigger one so I know she will get a good months supply of them.and yes I will be buying more .

Yumove Supplement Tablets for dogs.


"Rocky" our eight year old German Shepherd is in an excellent condition, touch wood, without any signs of arthritis or pain. However, after reading all the positive reviews about these tablets we decided to purchase a box of 300 tablets and started to give one tablet each morning to our dog, mixed with his food. We know that German Shepherds as well as other dogs, mainly big size, are prone to stiff joints, as they get older, hence we are using these tablets as a preventative medicine. It is better to be safe than sorry. Thank you petshop.co.uk for promoting these tablets.

Yumove Supplement Tablet


Our 9 year old labrador was having a lot of trouble with his joints to the point of going off his feet. We took him to the vet whereby she gave him some painkillers but also told us about yumove and how her customers had said how good it was. Well I can only endorse this product as fantastic not only has he improved dramatically with his movement his coat is really glossy.
One very happy labrador

Yumove supplement for arthritis


I used to give my dog prescription medication for his arthritis. This had side effects and so I decided to try this supplement. It does take a few days to take effect but now that my dog takes this very regularly, I notice he is SO much better. I thoroughly recommend this product.
There are no side effects and I now have a much happier more comfortable dog.

Yumove supplement


I have used this product for a while, for my 3 legged lurcher and its brilliant, really makes a difference to his well being, we didn't get any one month due to low funds!, and we certainly noticed a difference in his mobility, he was a lot slower and stiffer, now we always make sure he gets his daily dose,

Yumove supplement


My dog suffers with quite a 'crunchy' back knee joint following an operation, plus being in her middle-aged years. Vet Nurse recommended Yumove for her, she's been on it for around a month now and seems much more bouncier much more like her pre-op self and in less discomfort. Obviously hasn't removed stiffness completely particularly in damp weather, however I think there's a definite improvement and will definitely continue to use. The tabs are a little bit large so I wrap it in a little Naturediet dog meat and she takes it with ease.

Yumove So far so good


I have a 14( 15 in April) year old labrador x staffy and he has arthritis in his front shoulder and hind end.
I've gone through different supplements and he was recently on green lipped mussel alone and his body weight worth of loxicom ( metacam).
Well we're just over a week in on our double dose ( 4 tablets as hes 25kg) and I am already noticing he's stopped licking at his back leg and is jogging on his walks a little now.
He definitely seems happier and I've ordered another pack so I don't run out and I've also been researching and have ordered turmeric powder which by all accounts has fantastic properties too long to list but above all anti inflammatory.
I shall mix this with a teaspoon of pure coconut oil and a pinch of cracked black pepper to help the absorption of the curcumin in the turmeric.
Anyway the past two days I have slightly lowered his dose of loxicom and he's currently happy basking in the sun in the garden. Roll on summer!

yumove product


These tablets have given my 14 year old yorkshire terrier a new lease of life in the cold weather, she is running around like a two year old again! Excellent product!

Yumove makes a difference!


The vet broke my dogs hip whilst castrating 9 years ago. Poor darling has suffered ever since with metal strip in hip from another vet, of course! Was put on medication by vet, very expensive, but anything to help him. Few weeks ago, discovered Yumove.....and what a difference. Even strangers have commented that he is walking much better than his usual limp. So pleased for him.........IF ONLY THEY WOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE TASTE and SMELL!!! But its worth taking time to disguise it as it truly helps.

Yumove joint supplement, for dogs, by Lintbells!


These tablets are amazing. I got them to help my guide dog, a 5 and a half year old Golden retriever cross Labrador, who sometimes has a stiff hind leg, and they have helped her no end. she's more willing to run about now, which is great. She's even lost a good kg in weight since being on them, probably down to the fact that she can move more comfortably. My dog just eats them in her food, like treats, so it's no problem adding them to her daily routine. The best thing about these tablets is that they're made of all natural ingredients too, and they actually work. I even take the human equivalent (I-move) to help with my own joint pain, so I now don't need to take as many painkillers. I can't praise this product highly enough. petshop.co.uk are the cheapest place I have found to buy the yumove too. Well done Lintbells.

Yumove joint supplement tablets


These are magic tablets. After taking them for a while my two Labradors who had pronounced limps due to arthritis are now limp free! I shall however continue with them. I told my vet.about them as she had suggested previously that one of my dogs should have an X-ray and maybe surgery to cure it. The vets now supply these tablets although I'm sure it's not just from my recommendation!

Yumove Green Lipped Mussel Tablets


I read a few reviews before ordering these tablets for my 3 year dogue de bordeaux, she is currently on pain killers for her hips and a high strength supplement from pets at home! These were delivered quickly so I followed to dosing instructions and waited for the results to become apparent. After about 2/3 weeks I started to notice subtle changes, she seemed to be getting up a lot easier and seemed more active and more interested in playing chase with my other male bordeaux and new pup! She has been on these for just over a month now, and everybody is not noticing the change in her, shes a lot more active, which has also helped with her losing weight! It's a real pleasure to see her, running and playing, getting up, walking the stairs etc. I cannot recommend these enough. Even our vet has said if she continues to improve she may even be able to come off her pain relief during the warmer months! These really are worth the money and have given my girl a new lease of life! Would highly recommend.

yumove dog joint supplements


good value for money have had good results in 5 days cheaper than the vets will try long term and will review again in three months



Best product I have found for my two lurcher dogs. One has permenant shoulder problems who is in pain alot. This product helps greatly to reduce the pain & give her comfort. Both dogs take two tabs a day with their dinner. It has meant we can give her less tablets as this product contains everything she needs. t has given hr alot more movement in her shoulder. The other dog takes them as to protect her joints from injury.

Yum Yumove


We have 2 dogs. One loves these, the other doesn't, which is OK as the one that likes them is the one I got them for. To early to tell if they're doing any good but will carry on as our dog likes them. Can't decide if its better to give 3 at once or space them out during the day. The lad eats them whichever way they come.

June 2014. Well, we've given Barney 3 a day for the last 8 months and they do seem to be doing him good. Occasionally he would start to limp on one of his hind legs as he has a toe missing on that paw and it is his 'inside' leg as he went round the racetrack - yes he's a greyhound. He found hobbling around on 3 legs exhausting so we tried him with these. Brilliant, hasn't had any problems since and chomps 'em down with relish. The are seafood smelly but no one is bothered. Not cheap but they work. If you have a dog with joint/mobility problems give them a try. You'll know after 3 months if they are right for your dog. Mmmm I wonder if they'll do the same for my arthritic knee?!



My eleven year old westie was showing signs of stiffness in her legs when getting out of her bed. She has been taking one of these a day for a while now and I am away to order more. She manages to jump and run like a youngster again. Definately has made a difference. I would recommend these100%.

Youmove for my Shetland Sheepdog


I was recommended this product by a sheltie breeder because Nala ( our dog) was struggling to jump up on the settee and get into the car;she was also having to sit frequently..all indicating the back legs had gone and she's only 9. I thought ..it's probably a waste of time but I'll give it a go. Well, I'm telling you the difference the product has made is almost unbelievable. Nala has got a completely new lease of life. The breeder (Margo) told me that she takes the "human" version so when my Costco bought chronitoitin and Glucosamine is finished I'm going to join Nala on "youmove".. Just watch the golf handicap coming down!!

Youmove - overpriced but effective.


We have a seven year old boxer that suffers with severe arthritc pain in his left hind leg and also his jaw. We had tried Youmove before and noticed a definite improvement in his mobility. He would hobble about on three legs for a day or so after a good run and struggle to hold a ball in his mouth but after a couple of weeks of taking Youmove these symptoms had almost dissapeared. We tried green lipped muscle on it's own (considerably cheaper) but it was not as effective. He's now back on Youmove and there is no doubt that it works - after a long romp with a couple of boxer pals yesterday, he has not limped at all and seems considerably more cheerful in general.The only downside is the cost. Like most pharmaceutical products, the moment it becomes recognised as an effective treatment, up goes the price.

You will not regret buying these for your dog, the best product on the market.


We have a 17 year old dog and in recent months we have see her movement diminish, i read about this product on the web site, after reading reviews i thought that i would try this product and i am pleased i did, yesterday she came skipping up the garden and into the house. Her energy levels are up and generally she is a much happier dog. We also have a 3 year old dog and when he gets a little older we will be putting him on these tablets. WELL DONE Lintbells. Can we please have some for humans?