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Royal Canin Mini Puppy Dry Dog Food - 8kg By Royal Canin

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Royal Canin Mini Puppy Dry Dog Food - 8kg

Manufacturer's View

ROYAL CANIN® Mini Puppy food is formulated with the nutritional needs of your puppy in mind and is suitable for puppies aged 2-10 months that will have an adult weight of up to 10kg.

Your puppy’s growth period is such an essential stage in its life; it’s the time of big changes and new discoveries. Within this period, your puppy’s immune system is developing gradually. That’s why ROYAL CANIN® Mini Puppy contains a patented complex of antioxidants – including vitamin E – to help support your puppy’s natural defences as it grows. The shape of the kibble is small and easy to chew, perfect for your puppy’s small mouth, and both the smell and flavour are optimised to tempt even the fussiest of dogs; it also helps to support its dental health and general oral hygiene. By containing a combination of nutrients with high quality protein (such L.I.P – known for its high digestibility) as well as prebiotics, ROYAL CANIN® Mini Puppy supports the digestive health and balance of intestinal flora, which contributes to good stool quality by ultimately reducing faecal smell and quantity. As a small breed of dog, your puppy will grow quite quickly, that’s why it needs plenty of energy in its diet to help support healthy development as it grows to full size. ROYAL CANIN® Mini Puppy will meet the energy requirements of your pup, giving it all the strength and vitality it needs.

At ROYAL CANIN® we’re committed to providing nutritional solutions to your pet’s needs. All of our products undergo an extensive quality control process in order to guarantee the optimum quality of food as well as catering to your puppy’s specific dietary requirements and lifestyle. This means that when your puppy eats ROYAL CANIN® Mini Puppy, it’s getting a complete and balanced diet.

Key Benefits:

Immune System Support
Growth is an essential stage in your dog’s life: it is the time of big changes, discoveries and new encounters. During this key period, the puppy’s immune system develops gradually. MINI PUPPY helps support your puppy’s natural defences thanks particularly to a patented* complex of antioxidants including vitamin E. *France, patent No EP1146870.

Digestive Health
Combination of nutrients with high quality protein (L.I.P.*) and prebiotics (FOS) to support digestive health and balance of intestinal flora, which contributes to good stool quality. *Protein selected for its very high digestibility.

Intense Energy Content
Meets the energy needs of small breed puppies during the growth period, and satisfies fussy appetites.

Recommended For:
For small breed puppies. Adult weight up to 10 kg. From 2 to 10 months old



Poultry protein (dried), rice, animal fats, vegetable protein isolate*, corn, beet pulp, corn feed meal, animal protein (hydrolyzed), corn gluten feed, soya oil, fish oil, minerals, fructo-oligo-saccharides, yeast hydrolyzate (source of mannan-oligosaccharides), marigold extract (source of lutein).



Vitamin A (17,300 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (1000 IU/kg), E1 [iron] (43 mg/kg), E2 [iodine] (3.4 mg/kg), E4 [copper] (8 mg/kg), E5 [manganese] (56 mg/kg), E6 [zinc] (186 mg/kg), E8 [selenium] (0.07 mg/kg).

Technological additives:

triphosphate (3.5 g/kg), preservatives, antioxidants.


Daily Feeding Guide

Please always ensure that fresh drinking water is available.
Please refer to the product packaging for full details.

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my review

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very good product

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Brilliant Service Quick Turnover And Very Helpful And Professional, My Dogs Love Royal Canin

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the best dog food you can buy

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Great product, fantastic price

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Good customer service. I ordered too much and the lady who answered the phone immediately changed it and credited my account

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Have used Royal Canin for our Bitch Jessie from the day we brought her she's now nearly 3 years old she gave birth to 5 pups we have 2 and they have been weaned on Royal they will move on to adult at 10 months quality food your dogs and vet will be pleased with

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I have 4 maltese and they all love this food growing really well.Highly recommend it.

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Lily has been fed on royal canon from 6 weeks. She is now 6 months Nd still loves it.

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I have my 5 cavies and my shih tzu all on Royal canin and I also wean the puppies onto it when I have a litter.

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