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Hill's Prescription Diet Z/D Food Sensitivities Dog Food - 10Kg By Hills Prescription Diet



IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Hill’s is currently upgrading this diet with the ActivBiome+ technology for ultimate digestive health & well-being. Although the upgraded product is now in distribution, you may receive diets without the formula upgrade. To identify if you have the new formula, search for the pink ActivBiome+ logo on the front of the pack. When you receive the new formula, it is recommended you transition your pet to the upgraded formula over a 7 day period. Please consult your vet for any additional information.

Prescription Diet z/d nutrition is clinically proven to reduce skin & digestive signs from food intolerances in dogs.
It was developed by Hill’s nutritionists and veterinarians. This nutrition includes natural fibre to help normalize stool. It contains no soy protein, lactose, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives while also promoting a urinary environment that reduces the risk of developing struvite and calcium oxalate crystals. Please consult your veterinarian for further information on how Prescription Diet foods can help your dog continue to enjoy a happy and active life.
With a single source of hydrolysed protein and NO gluten, soy protein, lactose, or artificial colours flavours or preservatives — plus, ActivBiome+ Technology for healthy stool.
With a single source of hydrolysed protein and new ActivBiome+ for digestion.
A single source of hydrolysed protein gets to the source of their discomfort — helping to avoid adverse reactions.
Please note - for customers who have previously fed this diet prior to the inclusion of ActivBiome technology, it is recommended you transition your pet to the upgraded formula over a 7 day period. Please consult your vet for any additional information.

Suitable for adult dogs aged 12 months and above for: Adverse food reactions (AFR) & elimination diet. Otitis externa (chronic). Protein losing enteropathy (PLE) without lymphangiectasia. Not suitable for: Growing puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs.

- Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Food Sensitivities Dry Dog Food is specially formulated by Hill’s nutritionists and veterinarians to support your dog’s food intolerances.
- Manages food sensitivities with a highly hydrolyzed source of protein and ActivBiome+ for healthy stool.
- Avoid adverse reactions with a single hydrolyzed source of protein ActivBiome+ Technology for healthy stool.
- Nutrition clinically proven to reduce skin & digestive signs from food intolerances.
- Hydrolysed animal protein to help minimise signs of adverse food reactions.
- With a proven blend of prebiotic fibres that helps provide excellent stool quality.
- Increased levels of essential fatty acids & high levels of vitamin E help promote a healthy skin barrier.
- Clinically proven antioxidants help support a healthy immune system.


Maize starch, chicken liver hydrolysate, ground pecan shell, cellulose, coconut oil, minerals, flaxseed, dried beet pulp, soybean oil, dried citrus pulp, fish oil, dried cranberries, vitamins, trace elements and beta-carotene. With a natural antioxidant (mixed tocopherols).

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Protein 17.7%, Crude fibre 7.2%, Crude oils and fats 4.2%, Crude ash 4.8%

Ask your veterinarian for specific feeding instructions for your pet. This is only a guide. Grams are the most accurate form of measurement.
– Gradually transition to this new food for 7 days or more.
– Exclusively feed the recommended Prescription Diet dry and wet foods.
– Keep fresh water available at all times.
– Have your veterinarian monitor your pet's condition.
– To prevent suffocation, keep the packaging out of the reach of pets & children.

Store in a cool dry place and use before "Best Before" date

Daily Feeding Guide - Body Weight (kg): Dry (g):
1kg: 30g
2kg: 55g
4kg: 90g
5kg: 105g
10kg: 180g
20kg: 300g
30kg: 410g
40kg: 505g
50kg: 600g
60kg+: 108g per 10kgs

Mixed feeding guide. Daily Feeding Guide - Body Weight (kg): Cans 370g AND Dry(g):
1kg: 0.25 Can AND 5g
2kg: 0.25 Can AND 30g
4kg: 0.5 Can AND 40g
5kg: 0.5 Can AND 55g
10kg: 1 Cans AND 75g
20kg: 1 Cans AND 200g
30kg: 2 Cans AND 205g
40kg: 2 Cans AND 305g
50kg: 2 Cans AND 395g
60kg+: 2 Cans AND 81g per 10kgs

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100% review

by -

My golden who is now 2 1/2yrs has had a sensitive stomach since a pup, and I did get this food from the vet for my other golden. As I put the name of the food in my search vetshop came up the cheapest. I think there customer service is outstanding and if you want to add or amend your order, they get it right with no mistakes. I will recommend these 100% 🐾🐾🐾


by -

This foods amazing! Have tried our dog on multiple diets for 6 months trying to settle his stomach, 100% solid stools!

Pleased and Impressed.

by -

As the result of a medical condition I was advised to try our pet on Hills Prescription Diet food which gave a huge improvement in her health. We have been very impressed with the service offered by your company in that we have a regular order and are not chasing around looking for someone who sells it only to find out that they are out of stock.

Pup loves it

by -

Great item good for our pup lasting about 1month .

Raw fed convert

by -

My vet prescribed this food for my dog as he had very messy/smelly ears. I had been feeding him a good quality raw diet and I was reluctant to change. I had read reports of dogs having runny poo or very soft poo and as my dog has anal gland issues he did not need soft poo.
I bought to try and put him on a total exclusion diet as suggested by the vet. I could see the difference in 2 weeks . His ears had dried up and were no longer smelly, His skin was good. He has been on the food for 15 months and apart from one month when the food was out of stock. I tried an insect based food and a vegetarian food both gave him soft poo and his ear was a bit smelly but he did not need any medicine. I put him back on the Hills ZD as soon as it was back in stock and he will remain on it now.

Good helpful Company

by -

Good prompt service and good food. This has sorted my dogs stomach problems out.

Hills Prescription ZD

by -

This item arrived quickly and in excellent condition,

Only food my dog can eat

by -

I have to buy this as my dog has severe allergies to all food except this. First time using the upgraded variety which worries me slightly as I don’t know if it will suit her or not but hopefully it will be fine. Its a very expensive food anywhere but this was the only site it was available.

Please explain

by -

Everything was great untill we recieved our latest delivery and found out it had gone up by over £10 and we had never even been informed of this, an email was sent to them but with no reply, I thought being a great company they would come speak to their customers and explain why prices were increasing by so much it's all wrong

Easy online experience

by -

Only been using for a few days so too early to say if it’s made any difference but ordering, payment, and delivery service excellent .

Hills Sensitive

by -

Excellent service and good food

Service delivery

by -

Fast efficient service


by -

Use this product ll the time , as dog is very allergic, to all protein. Very happy..very happy with the service.

Great service and product

by -

Pet shop.co.uk is an excellent company. This food is the only one my dog can tolerate due to allergies and the price is excellent in comparison to their competitors. Their customer service is also great and I only buy from them now..


by -

Great product

Great for runny tummy.

by -

Rupert once again has has a bad tummy upset and so he is back 24/7 on this product, which I can buy for less than 1/2 the price here than the Vet's charged me the first time of using a couple of years ago. Delivery came the very next day - amazing service. The z/d settles him down and then I can slowly introduce more different food into his diet, but all low fat and boiled. An excellent quality food for dogs with sensitive tummy's.

Pet shop bowl online

by -

Excellent service from Pet shop bowl
Been getting our dog food from here for years
Every so often I get reduced bills thanks a million couldn't manage without your help

Great service!

by -

Excellent service! Great price! Exactly what our dog needs diet wise.

AAA Product

by -

Would definitely recommend this product for dogs which have sensitive stomachs or skin

Great service

by -

Great price, free treats and arrived so quickly.
Thank you

Hills Prescription Diet Z/D Dry Dog Food

by -

This is a special diet food that we were recommended by our vet to use for about 8 weeks before allergy testing on our 2 year old labrador who has an allergic skin reaction to something. Being a labrador, he guzzled it down, but we upped his fresh water as it is much easier to digest (= harder poos!). It worked, the allergy testing did highlight several irritants, which we've cut out and he is a lot better. Its a fairly pricey food, but worth trying if your dog needs a very bland diet.

Hills Dog Food

by -

Great Service, one of the few online shops that stock this. Delivery a day earlier than expected so a very happy customer

Excellent Service

by -

This food has been recommended by our vets, due to Molly having lots of allergies, We have only used this product for 3 days, so it's a little early to comment on. We have purchased our previous dog food from you for a long time. The help and excellent service from the Petshop Team as always been second to none as well as the exceptional pricing.


by -

We have a 4 year staffie who became extremely ill due to low albumin & protein levels. Our vet recommended Hills Prescription Diet Z/D Sensitivities dog food, & she’s never been better. She’s never enjoyed her food as much, & is now the healthiest she has ever been. I would highly recommend this food for any dog.

Hills Z D prescription diet

by -

Brilliant food don't need anything with it to get Jake to eat it .
His skin has improved and the bloating has gone