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Catit Go Natural Pea Husk Litter With Lavender - 14 Litres By Catit




We recycle empty pea husks that would otherwise get discarded, and mix in raw, food-grade materialssuch as starch, corn powder, and guar gum as natural clumping agents. The result is a beautiful and highly absorbent litter that clumps naturally without a speck of dust!

We offer two litter varieties; one with a subtle vanilla scent, showing the off-white colour of its ingredients, and another that gives off a delicate lavender scent and has been dyed with an edible purple pigment.

Absorbency rate of up to 300%
Our litter pellets have a unique diameter of 1.5 mm, which makes for a much larger overall absorptive surface than most litters. Thanks to this feature, the litter can absorb up to 3 times its own weight!

Effortless scooping
Scooping has never been easier, since the litter’s smooth, cylindrical pellets sift right through the scoop! Additionally, this litter won’t stick to the litter box or the scoop.

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What a great find!


This litter is really different and impressive! It clumps together in almost a discreet way and minimises the mess ,what a great find!

The best cat litter you can buy!

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Absolutely love this cat litter, and so do my cats. Its so absorbant and fragrant. Very easy to clean as it clumps so well. You will find it lasts a very long time because you'll use so much less litter overall. We have a subscription so we know we will get it when needed and save money.


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Well where do I start. I've been on the hunt for an eco friendly litter that doesn't track for well over a year. I have 2 very long haired cats, all over eco friendly litters get all over the house but this stuff....not an ounce anywhere!!! The only place it drops is outside the litter box on the matt!

Good points:
Smells lovely, clumps pretty well, literally no tracking, comes in an easy to store box, box lasts me about 1 month or more, have to change it less often

Bad points:
Was disappointed to find the litter then packaged in plastic inside the box
If urine is left too long (overnight) then sometimes the clumps stick to the bottom. Still very easy to get up, just gets stuck to the scoop.

Overall I'm super happy to have found this! Highly recommend it for long haired cats!

Low tracking

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Lovely litter! My almost 16-year-old cat took to it straight away. She has long fur and this litter doesn't get stuck in it. Minimal tracking. I have a litter mat and it catches it all. Easy to clean and clumps well. I recommend using a sturdy scoop with medium-sized holes. Clumps are compact and my cat litter waste bag only needs emptying once a week with this.
Lovely scent, nice and fresh. I also love the vanilla one, and prefer the lavender one for summer. It's not overpowering, very light.
The litter is virtually dust free. I have asthma and often had problems with dust from cat litter. Not with this one. Highly recommend.