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Wagg Twitch Rabbit Food - 10kg (formerly Wagg Bunny Brunch) By Wagg

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Our complementary rabbit feed is designed to be fed alongside a diet that is up to 85% hay or fresh grass. Rabbit Nuggets contain 19% fibre and yeast extracts to keep your rabbit’s digestive system healthy. A variety of high quality ingredients are all combined into a single nugget formula to avoid selective feeding and promote a balanced diet.

Available in: 2kg – 10kg

Key Benefits:


With quality sources of fibre and yeast extracts to help promote a healthy digestion.


With added linseed to help maintain healthy skin and coat.


Includes peas and apple pomace to create a tasty nugget.


Our combination of vitamins A & E with carefully selected trace elements help support a healthy immune system.


Balanced calcium and phosphorous levels to help maintain healthy teeth and bones.


We do not add any artificial colours or flavours to our foods.


Oat Fibre, Wheat Fibre, Sunflower Meal, Lucerne Meal, Grass Meal, Peas (2%), Carob Bean Meal, Apple Pomace (2%), Linseed (1%), Vegetable Oil, Minerals, MOS (0.05%).


Vitamin A 15,000 iu, Vitamin D3 1,500 iu, Vitamin E 90 mg, Zinc (Zinc Chelate of Amino Acid Hydrate) 20 mg, Manganese (Manganous Oxide) 30 mg, Zinc (Zinc Oxide) 30 mg, Iron (Iron Sulphate Monohydrate) 10 mg, Copper (Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate) 6.25 mg, Iodine (Calcium Iodate Anhydrous) 1.5mg, Antioxidants.


Protein 13%

Fat Content 4.2%

Crude Fibre 19%

Crude Ash 7.2%

Calcium 0.8%

Phosphorus 0.5%

Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews

This bag of Wagg bunny brunch is good value for money

by -

I have 3 bunny's & as you can imagine they get through alot of food between them,And the food comes in a plastic bag so keeps dryer then the paper type bag,I bought 2 bags so it will last months 😊

Dreadful new recipe

by -

Our rabbits loved the old Wagg but not one will entertain this new Twitch despite slowly mixing with the old over a week or so.
<br>Gave it to our friends who say there's won't eat it too!
<br>Definitely won't buy it again.

Wagg bunny food

by -

I have been buying wagg bunny food for years its great value for money & its even better now its nugget formula which stops bunnys from picking at there food ☺️

New formula Don’t buy big bag

by -

My bunny has gone from devouring the old formula, leaving an empty bowl every day to not even wanting to touch this. Don’t know what’s in it that she doesn’t like but after a week bunny has eaten just hay which has affected her digestive system. Now have to find an alternative quick and have a large sack of pellets totally gone to waste. Beware!

Not enough fibre

by -

Good price but bunnies need 18% fibre minimum, this has 19% so not great compared to Burges at 35%. Glad they stopped the musli mix, DON’T FEED YOUR RABBIT MUSLI MIX THEY NEED PELLETS.

Wagg Twitch

by -

As a breeder I've used wagg for years as it's easily accessible for people. It's now pellets, my bunnies are thriving on it.

Wagg Twitch

by -

My bunnies love these pellets. As a breeder i use them as they are accessible to everyone, so they dont have to change food.


by -

Always great and quick service with this website. Will continue to use in future