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Vectra 3D Spot On Flea Treatment for Large Dogs (25-40kg) - 3 Pack By Vectra



Vectra 3D Spot On Flea Treatment for Large Dogs (25-40kg) - 3 Pack

Vectra 3D is a fast and effective spot-on flea, tick and biting insect treatment which repels and kills via contact.
Vectra 3D for dogs treats and prevents flea infestations, preventing fleas for one month as well as preventing the multiplication of fleas for 2 months by inhibiting egg hatching and the emergence of adults from eggs laid by adult fleas.
Vectra 3D also kills ticks as well as repelling them, therefore preventing them attaching. 
Finally Vectra 3D also repels and therefore prevents biting from sand flies, mosquitos and stable flies for one month post-application. 
Repell to prevent the bite and therefore spread of disease with Vectra 3D.

Key benefits:
- Unique applicator tip allowing easy application
- 2 hour speed of flea kill in treated dogs (killed on contact)
- Stops flea reproduction lasting for 2 months - preventing infestation
- Kills AND repels ticks
- Kills and repels other flying insects
*Remember that no product is 100% effective.

3 pipettes per pack. 
DO NOT USE in dogs younger than 7 weeks 
DO NOT USE in dogs weighing less than 1.5kg
Read the datasheet carefully before use.

Active ingredients:

VECTRA 3D Product of Ceva Animal Health Ltd. Unit 3, Anglo Office Park, White Lion Road, Amersham, HP7 9FB. Tel 01494781510. Vectra 3D contains Dinotefuran, Pyriproxyfen and Permethrin. Legal Category NFA-VPS. Use medicines responsibly and always read the pack leaflet before use."

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