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The Simple Solution Pee Post will help to protect your lawn reducing the area containing 'brown' patches commonly associated with dog owner's lawns.

Vegetable patches flower beds herb gardens and so on will benefit without contamination from dog mess.

The Pee Post is impregnated with a pheromone that dogs of both sexes recognise as a place to 'go'.

It reduces clean up time and makes for a cleaner and hygienic garden.

It can be used with dogs of all ages and lasts for around one year so your dog will be trained to used that area.

The PEE POST is a unique and patented product to encourage dogs and bitches to use one area as a toilet. Simply push the post into the ground and leave one inch showing. the pheromones will encourage the dog to use that spot. like most training aids you should encourage the dog when it performs next to the pee post.

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