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We’re all doing it – wearing smart devices on our wrists and measuring our activity on our phones. What seemed like a craze a few years ago is an established thing today.

Now, with PitPat, your dog can do the same. PitPat gives you an easy way to keep track of your dog’s activity level, to manage their weight, and because it’s all about your dog, to have lots of fun along the way.

You can also use PitPat to keep an eye on the exercise your dog gets while other people (like a dog walker or kennel) are caring for them, or even to check up on your husband/wife!

pitPat recognises walking or running – and distinguishes between them – by sensing the natural “gait” motion of your dog. If your dog constantly swaps from walking to running, stopping, starting and changing direction, PitPat recognises that as playing. If your dog is moving about, but only gently, that’s pottering. Everything else is resting!

Our proprietary dogorithms estimate the number of calories your dog burns each day by taking into account factors including your dog’s breed, age, weight, whether they’ve been neutered, and of course how much activity they’ve been doing. This information can help you to decide how much to feed your dog each day, and so maintain a healthy weight.

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