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Pet Remedy Calming Diffuser Refill 2 Pack - 40ml By Pet Remedy



Pet Remedy Calming Diffuser

Ideal for treating anxiety and stress in pets
Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, horses, and other mammals and birds. It will also have equally beneficial effects on humans!
Naturally calming based on special blend of essential oils, including Valerian, Vetivert (from Hawaii), Basil Sweet , and Sage
Use in conjunction with Pet Remedy Spray for best results
PH neutral, so harmless if accidentally sprayed on pet
Calms but non-sedating

How It Works

Active ingredients in Valerian are Valerinic acid and Valerenol. Clinical studies have shown these substances de-stress and calm pets by enhancing production of a neurotransmitter called GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid).

GABA has an inhibitory effect (ie. Calms the nerve); and is a natural chemical produced by the brain, transmitted from nerve to nerve as a chemical calming message when the body is stressed.

Proven Results

A study in the Neuropharmacology journal (2009) shows GABA receptors having an affinity for Valerinic acid and Valerinol, and shows them to have a marked anti anxiety effect in mammals.

How To Use

Unscrew bottle cap and insert bottle firmly into plug-in diffuser.
Leave switched on for duration of treatment which is 6 - 8 weeks.

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Good Product

by -

Very good product we think it seems to work for our 2 cats.

"Great product, Great price".

by -

The pet remedy really does it's job, I have really noticed a difference in the cats behaviour within an hour or so. she is much more calmer and she doesn't scratch things as much as she did, also sleeps better at night "Believe it or Not?"

"Great product, Great price".

by -

This item is well worth the money it works great, cat is much calmer than she's ever been and sleeps great too.

Good value product

by -

Tried these along with Feliway to create a calming atmosphere when we brought over my late Mother's cats. Always difficult to judge the efficacy of these products but I do feel they helped in those first few nervous weeks. This product lasts longer and is much cheaper than their competitor so well worth a try.

All in One!

by -

This is a very good product. The best thing about the company is that you can purchase medicines as well as all the other stuff cats require.

Quick efficient service

by -

This was my first order from this company. It was delivered within the time stated and sensibly packed. Will use this company again.

Great value

by -

I’ve used pet remedy before, works just as well as other more well known brands but half the price because you get two refills per pack. Petshop have great prices too.

Great product

by -

The best pet calming product around at a great price.