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Mark & Chappell Stool Repell Um 30tabs By Mark and Chappell




VetIQ® Stool Repel tablets have been specially formulated to help deter this behaviour by making the dogs own stool unpalatable to eat. VetIQ® Stool Repel contains Oleoresin Capsicum, a lachrymatory agent, which deters a puppy or dog from eating its own stool by causing a mild irritation to the eyes and a mild burning sensation if the stool is eaten. It also contains the enzyme, Alpha-Amylase which breaks down starches, improving the animal's digestive performance. Coprophagia is a behavioural condition with puppies and dogs consuming their own faeces. It is a common habit and can be distressful for the pet owner and unhygienic for the pet.

  • Helps eliminate stool eating
  • For puppies from 12 weeks of age
  • Makes stool less palatable
  • Coprophagia Aid
  • Safe & effective

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