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Indorex Defence Household Flea Spray - 500ml By Indorex



Virbac Indorex Defence Household Flea Spray is a household friendly flea spray, that's also effective at killing dust mites and stopping development of eggs and larvae. Virbac’s Indorex keeps your home flea free for a full 12 months.

NEW improved formula
Effective for 12 months
Contains 3 active ingredients to eliminate all stages of flea and dust mite life cycle
Not suitable for direct application

An odourless spray, Indorex is the only household spray proven to be UV stable - working equally well in areas with bright sunlight such as cars and conservatories, and is safe to use in households with very small babies as well as pregnant women. A single can is enough to provide coverage for a three bedroom semi detached house for a whole year.

After application, it is recommended that you vacuum regularly as the vibrations will stimulate any pupae to hatch into adult fleas, at which point Indorex's adulticidal properties will take effect. Vacuuming will also help remove any lingering dust mite fragments which otherwise remain potent allergens to some people and pets.

Indorex only treats the home, for full coverage you will also need to treat your pets, for example with Effipro Spot-On

Active Ingredients:

Permethrin (rapidly kills adult fleas), Pyripoxyfen (controls growth of eggs and larvae from fleas and house dust mites), piperonyl butoxide (reinforces the action of permethrin) & Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract

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Great product

by -

My cat had never had fleas in the 2 & a half yrs I've had him until a local cat attacked him.He only goes in the garden on a lead so doesn't mix with other cats. Within a few days I noticed fleas crawling across his face. I'd always used a well known brand of spot on flea prevention every month & spray for around the house every 6 months which I presumed was working. Within a few days I had found 57 live fleas on my cat. They were in the whole house too. I re sprayed & washed everything 3 times before I bought Indorex because nothing was working. After using it over the whole house, I had dead flies, insects & fleas in every room. Within a week of using Indorex I was flea free. I hoovered every day to insure there were no eggs hatching & the life cycle was stopped.Indorex is the best flea preventitive for the home that I have ever used & it worked. It is a great product & I will continue to use it because it really does do what it says on the tin.

A Bargain

by -

An excellent product and such a bargain price compared to absolutely everywhere else. Thoroughly recommend Vetshop

Excellent product

by -

Excellent product helps to eradicate spiders as well ,Slow delivery but communication was excellent.
Would use again

Not used yet.

by -

Good price for the size of the can. Not use it yet as I am very wary of using flea treatments.


by -

Absolutely can't fault this product. It's the cheapest I've seen it and used to pay double at the vets so I so thankful petshop 🙏 please don't put the price up now I've said that. Great business, always so fast and helpful when I've needed it. Have recommended to loads of people too

It really works

by -

This really works I have spent over a hundred pounds in a month trying different products for the dog and home I was advised by a vet to get this one wish I had got advice earlier it really worked clear in a day Will definitely buy again if ever needed. Great service quick delivery.

Excellent Value

by -

Fast and efficient delivery service.
Product is really well priced. Would pay much more at vets.

Kill the fleas!

by -

I have ordered this item before, and I was pleased that I do not have a problem with fleas in my house, and it is a good price,

Half price compared to vets

by -

Great product. Had it before from Vets at twice the price. Will use Petshop.co.uk again. Same product, much cheaper & delivered too 👍

Good value

by -

Prompt and efficient service. Product was very straightforward to use and does what it says.

Great product & service

by -

Bought this to tackle any fleas in my home. Have used this product, was easy to use & should deal with any fleas in carpets etc. Product arrived promptly & will definitely order from this company again.

Best Household Flea Spray Product on market!!!

by -

Absolutely love this household flea spray it works! Dont even think about trying to find another this one is brilliant. I am in a large 2 bedroomed flat you cant spray with animals in the same room but spraying one room at a time airing out each room individually for 15 to 20 minutes with hard wood floors and rugs half hour for fully carpeted rooms.
I use this spray every 6 months and it hasn't failed me yet!!!

Good does what it says

by -

Works well and no smell

very effective

by -

I find this product to be the most effective.

best flea control product

by -

recieved on time from petshop.co.uk and a at good price for a brilliant product