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Gourmet Gold Savoury Cake with Chicken Wet Cat Food Tins - 12 x 85G By Gourmet




Gourmet Gold Savoury Cake with Chicken Cat Food - 12 x 85G

Gourmet Gold Savoury Cake will certainly delight your sophisticated cats senses. Combining succulent chicken pieces seasoned in a hint of sauce with an irresistible cake texture. Made with a selection of high quality ingredients, this ensures your cat will have a dining experience they adore. Provides complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats (1 – 7 years). Not suitable for kittens or senior cats.

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True feline connoisseurs value variety, new flavour combinations, and sophisticated textures that delight the palate. GOURMET® Gold has created Savoury Cake with chicken just for cats like yours. High quality ingredients, and chopped pieces with chicken is part of our carefully crafted recipe, with a touch of exquisite sauce, this meal has a delicious cake texture that cats will surely adore. Our meals are complete and balanced, providing your adult cat (aged 1-7 years) with everything they need for a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. We believe even the most discerning of cats will appreciate the delight of a GOURMET® Gold Savoury Cake.

GOURMET® Gold Savoury Cake features delicately chopped pieces with chicken carefully seasoned with just a hint of sauce. The recipe comes together in a delicious cake texture for your cat to savour every bite.


Meat and animal derivatives (of which chicken 4%), Vegetable protein extracts, Fish and fish derivatives, Various sugars, Minerals.

Nutrition and Analytical Constituents

Moisture: 74.0% Protein: 17.0% Fat content: 4.o% Crude ash: 2.0% Crude fibres: 1.1%

Feeding Guide

For an adult cat of 4 kg, 2 to 3 cans/day in separate meals. The adult maintenance averages are based on moderately active cats at normal environmental temperatures. Individual needs vary and feeding should be adjusted as required to maintain your cat at a lean, healthy body weight. Fresh, clean drinking water should always be available. Serve at room temperature.

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