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Cazitel Worming Tablets For Cat - 1 Tablet By Cazitel Cat




Cazitel Cat tablets are an efficient wormer used for the treatment of mixed infections caused by gastrointestinal roundworms and tapeworms in cats. Containing 230mg pyrantel embonate and 20mg praziquantelm, these tablets are also grilled-meat flavour, therefore they are very palatable for your cat and are easy to feed. Suitable for lactating cats.

Dosage and administration:

1 tablet/4kg bodyweight. Tablets can be divided into equal halves to assist with accurate dosing.

For single oral administration. Feed directly to the cat, but if necessary they can be disguised in food.

Dosage guide:

1.0-2.0kg =0.5 tablet

2.1-4.0kg = 1 tablet

4.1-6.0kg = 1.5 tablets

6.1-8.0kg = 2 tablets

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Will not buy this again!!!

by -

After reading the blurb, I thought that this product would be great.... I was so wrong!!
Its supposed to be meat flavoured but my cats didn't want to know so I had to crush them and put them in the food. It's still not been eaten up and I'm really disappointed!!. Back to my usual stuff!!!

Not for my cat!

by -

I’m sorry I have to give this product only one star. When I read that my cat only needed one tablet and that it was “flavoured “
I thought it would be easy and quick to use. Wrong! I put the tablet between two spoon to crush it, then mixed it really well
with his cat food. He took one sniff and walked away! I left it there all day, hoping that hunger would make him eat it, no chance! So, it went in the bin.