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Canagan Fresh Chicken & Seabass Grain Free Wet Cat Food Tins - 12 x 85g By Canagan



Tender shredded Chicken with Seabass, simply cooked in its own natural gravy. Canagan is a highly nutritious complete food for cats that can also be used to accompany dry food. 

We use chicken breast meat without the skin for all our wet chicken foods.


Chicken (58%), Chicken broth (32%), Seabass (5%), Thickening agent (Tapioca) 3%, Sunflower Oil, Vitamins and Minerals


2 to 3 cans will fulfil the requirements of an average cat. Kittens, Pregnant or lactating queens may require more. Always ensure there is clean drinking water available

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Expensive but wouldn't feed my cat anything else

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Have been feeding my cat canagan for a long time as it's the only cat food I've found that she will eat long term. It is also much better quality to the majority of cat food on the market as you can actually see the content is for example: tuna/chicken.prawns/sardines, whatever the tin contains.

I feel guilty if I feed her anything from the supermarket because it just looks and smells fake. It is more expensive to feed her canagan, but if your cat is your family why would you feed your family on low quality food? For me it is worth every penny.

A great product

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This is a great product! Not only because my four Norwegian Forest Cats adore it. The ingredients are completely natural, with no preservatives or colorants. It contains at least 60/65% of animal ingredients, as could be in the wild. The rests are vegetables and botanical ingredients and, as a plus, 77% of water which is extremely important for cats that tend not to drink so much. As a breeder, I am used to checking ingredients and I only buy first quality food to maintain them healthy. Furthermore, I prefer to spend money on food rather than on vet bills. Recently, I switched into an almost entirely wet food regime to help their urinary tract ( a couple of them had struvite) and this is a very serious brand I can trust. The price is a bit expensive considering the tins are 75 gr. (NOT 85gr!) but the quality is extremely high.