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YuDerm Moulting Cat 50 ml By Yumega




YuMEGA Cat is packed with premium natural essential Omega 3 and 6 oils, plus added Vitamin E. Blended specially for cats, it can help improve cat skin problems and add an extra gloss to their coat in as little as 4-6 weeks.

• Replenishes the coat’s natural shine and beauty

• Nourishes dry, flaky skin

• Reduces moulting and furballs

• Helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier

• Trusted by breeders and vets

How does YuMEGA Cat work?


Specially selected Omega 6 from Evening Primrose to nourish and replenish your cat's skin, improving skin condition and coat growth. Added Vitamin E from natural plant sources to mop up free radicals and support the skin’s defences.


High levels of Omega 3 from tasty fresh Salmon oil improve coat condition and reduce moulting.


A balanced blend of Omega 3 & 6 oils – from Evening Primrose, Sunflower and fresh Norwegian Salmon – helps to improve skin and coat health.

Natural Ingredients

The Salmon oil in YuMEGA Cat is sourced in the fjords of Norway. It takes less than an hour to process this finest quality Salmon oil, so your dog is getting the freshest, most effective skin-soothing goodness.


• Evening Primrose
• Sunflower oil
• Salmon oil
• Fish oil
• Vitamin E

Feeding guidelines:
Just add to your cat’s food or drop into a clean bowl – the tasty formula is liked by almost all cats.

For an average 4-5kg cat, mix 1ml with food daily.
For smaller cats, use 4 drops per kg of body weight.

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by -

I've been using this for about a year & a half now on my semi long haired cat.It seems to have stopped the pulling of hair out & he seems more comfy & his coat feels lovely.
The Yuderm was a very good price here,fast delivery & good comms.

Lintbells yuderm oil for cats.

by -

Excellent product, really helps with dry skin in cats.

Lintbells yuderm oil for cats.

by -

Used this product for 18 months now, and helps with over grooming in my cat with skin allergies. Great price, fast delivery and good service, thank you.

Ummm, tasty.

by -

Keeps my coat silky soft and treats my skin well. I like to pretend I don't want to eat the food my slave provides, but when he puts a couple of drops on top I just have to lick it off, then might as well eat some of the rest.

Superb value

by -

I have really high hopes for this product. My cat suffers from very dry skin and dandruff which causes her to scratch and overgroom. This results in bald patches which then bleed, resulting in a trip to the vet. This product was suggested to me and I have been using it for a couple of days. I was worried she could tell I had added something to her food and refuse to eat it, but no. I disguise the liquid in my cat's soup and she licks the bowl clean. So far so good - very good value for money.


by -

I have been buying this for quite a long time now, my cat's fur is softy and silky. But I haven't found it at this price before that is why I have bought two.

Lintbells yuderm supplement for cats

by -

Used this product for over a year now added to the food of my cat who has allergies and overgrooms the fur on her legs and tummy till bald.
This oil has definitely helped her and she is fully furred on legs at present and only slightly bald on her tummy. I would recommend this product to improve your cat’s coat, even if they have no problems.

Great Service

by -

Thank you so much for sending Mr Tom his Yuderm so promptly! And at such a reasonable price too! Despite her best efforts, his mate has not been able to teach him to type, so Mr Tom has asked her to say thanks :-)

A must!

by -

Really works to reduce moulting and gives my puss a lovely shiny coat....always commented on at a visit to the vet. I don’t use as much as recommended, find 6 drops a day mixed in with her wet food works fine.