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Russel Junior Rabbit Food - 2.5kg By Supreme Petfoods




A complete food suitable for young and dwarf rabbits of all breeds.
• A nutritionally complete and balanced food
• Suitable for baby rabbits (from 4 weeks) dwarfs pregnant and lactating does
• 16% protein to promote healthy growth
• High fibre for digestive health
• Promotes dental wear
• Includes natural prebiotics to promote healthy digestion

Russel Junior Russel Junior is a colour free complete food for dwarf and baby rabbits(8-12 weeks). Russel Junior is blended with smaller components to make iteasier for smaller rabbits to eat. Dwarf and baby rabbits have highmetabolic rates with this in mind Russel Junior provides enhanced levelsof protein and fibre that are essential for baby and dwarf rabbits andhelpful to lactating does.

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