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Pro Plan Medium & Large Chicken Adult 7+ Dry Dog Food - 3kg By Pro Plan

97 Reviews



PURINA® PRO PLAN® Dog Medium & Large Adult 7+ with OPTIAGE Rich in Chicken Dry Food 3kg

Previously 'Pro Plan Senior Original Chicken Dry Dog Food - 3kg'

Average Cost Per Day
(if feeding Rover)
Average Cost Per Year
(if feeding Rover)
Average Length 1 Bag Lasts
(if feeding Rover)
9 Days*

*Calculation based on a golden retriever senior weight (30kg) 
being fed 325g per day as per brand guidelines, and product 
total price £20.30 as accurate on date of review.

PetShop.co.uk’s Summary

A reliable diet to support the maintenance of all healthy senior dogs (aged 7+). Very popular with our customers! Contains a good meat source for protein – 14% chicken. Very easy to feed your dog with no need to feed other foods. The product is well priced, with a better than average dog food recipe.

Feel free to call our pet health specialist for more advice on 01789-205-095 

Key Points

Suitable for: All healthy senior dogs as a complete and balanced diet to maintain health and promote activity and alertness.

Main Ingredient: The main ingredient is chicken (14%), a great protein source; much better than most diets which have cereal as the main ingredient! 

Main Meat Source: The exact origin of the chicken is not listed, but it gives plenty of protein to the diet.

Protein Amount: This diet is 29% protein; plenty for senior dogs.

Product Aim: To support the maintenance of healthy senior dogs, with added antioxidants for immunity and anti-age nutrients for mental sharpness.

Allergy Benefits: None listed for product but the ingredients used are not known to commonly cause allergic reactions.

Is it a natural product? Yes; the diet does not list any named 'artificial' ingredients.

Does it include any additives? The additives used are added to benefit the dog's health; vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Wind, bad breath, fur & teeth benefits? A healthy coat and skin is aided by added fish oils. Easily digestible rice in the diet helps limit wind. Dry food helps ‘clean' the teeth and avoid bad breath.

Can I only feed this one product? Yes, it is a complete balanced food so no need to feed other food with it, just give fresh clean water in a bowl too.


PetShop.co.uk’s Full View

Pro Plan Senior Original Chicken Dry Dog Food is a complete and balanced diet for senior dogs, made with 14% chicken for plenty of protein and taste. It is put together with 12% rice to support a healthy digestive system, along with anti-age nutrients to enhance immunity, activity level and alertness.

How does it keep my dog fit and healthy?

Maintenance - Everything your older dog needs to eat to keep healthy is in the food, in all the right amounts.
Skin and Coat - Provides fish oils and specific vitamins for healthy skin and a full shiny coat.
Digestion - Contains 12% rice to avoid stomach upsets and aid healthy digestion.
Immunity - Anti-age nutrients in the diet help to support the immune system.
Brain - Anti-age nutrients help to promote alertness and mental health.
Weight - Contains more protein and less carbohydrates to aid weight management.

And, how do I feed it to my dog?

You can just give the dry food straight to your dog in a bowl. Always follow the packet feeding guidelines so that you know how much to feed.

So, Is it a good food to buy?

A great food that can be fed to support your senior dog's health and needs. The packaging is honest about the ingredients. Feeding method is incredibly easy and the product is overall well priced.

Would it be agreeable with my dog?

Does your dog have bad breath or teeth?

The dry food is made into kibble (small round biscuit like peices) which the dog bites and chews to eat; when this happens the kibble actually helps to keep the teeth clean and remove tartar! So, if your dog has bad breath and teeth this could be helped massively by using a dry feed.

Does your dog have a dull or rough coat?

The diet contains fish oils and specific vitamins for added skin and coat nourishment.


Manufacturer's View

When your dog reaches full maturity, their body undergoes progressive age related changes. So why not help keep him enjoying life for longer. Developed by our vets and nutritionists, PURINA® PRO PLAN® with OPTIAGE keeps your dog's mind active and alert for longer.

Through our exclusive, patented* blend of nutrients, OPTIAGE is proven to enhance brain function and helps increase activity levels, liveliness and interest in playtime so you can keep living an amazing life together. 

  • Helps supports healthy ageing thanks to nutrition adapted to senior dogs
  • A combination of key nutrients that helps to support healthy joints for your senior dog's active lifestyle.
  • Proven to enhance brain function for more active years through our exclusive blend of nutrients
  • Specially formulated for dental care
  • Contains high quality pieces of chicken



  • Chicken (14%)
  • Rice (4%)
  • Dehydrated Poultry Protein
  • Wheat
  • Maize
  • Gluten
  • Soya Meal
  • Vegetable Oil Fractions
  • Dried Beet Pulp
  • Minerals
  • Maize Grits
  • Animal Fat
  • Digest
  • Fish Oil



Nutrition         Analytical Constituents

Protein:        29.0%

Fat content:15.0%

Crude ash:7.5%

Crude fibres:2.0%


Nutritional AdditivesIU/kg:

Vit. A:20 000

Vit. D3:650

Vit. E:650


Vit. C:165

Ferrous sulphate monohydrate:285

Calcium iodate anhydrous:3.7

Cupric sulphate pentahydrate:57

Manganous sulphate monohydrate:135

Zinc sulphate monohydrate:480

Sodium selenite:0.33

With antioxidants


Feeding Guide

Breed ExamplesWeight 
Daily Amount 
3kg bag will
roughly last?
Chihuahua, Pomeranian, 
Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese
1 - 530 - 957 Weeks
Shih tzu, Jack Russell, 
Pug, Westie
5 - 1095 - 1553 Weeks, 3 Days
Corgi, Staffy, Cocker 
Spaniel, Springer Spaniel
10 - 25155 - 2902 Weeks
Dalmation, Collie, 
Labrador, Retriever
25 - 35290 - 3609 Days
German Shepard, 
Malamute, Bloodhound
35 - 45360 - 4258 Days
Rottweiler, Mastiff, 
Great Dane
45 - 70425 - 5906 Days

 Who likes cereal without milk? Always provide plenty of clean fresh water for your dog too!

This information is provided as a guide only. Please refer to the product packaging for full details. The feeding quantities are based on the average healthy senior dog. Individual feeding needs depend on many factors, including weight, age, size, activity level and environment. So, feeding amounts needed may vary and should be adjusted as required to maintain a lean, healthy body and weight.

If you wanted to feed a mixed diets, perhaps wet and dry food, then be sure to alter the feeding quantities accordingly to avoid over-feeding your dog.

Again, feel free to call our pet health specialist for more advice on 01789-205-095


Pro plan my dog loves it.

by -

I have been reviewing this for the last week for a website called the insiders, My dog loves it, she wolfs it down, and seems so much more fuller than she did on her usual brand. I really was surprised she ate it at all, she usually enjoys her wet food much better, but this is now going to be on my shopping list. it is a much more healthier option for her too.

Purina Pro plan Dog food is brilliant

by -

Love this dog food! My doggo was so excited to receive his order and once he caught the smell he was salivating. The packaging is very luxurious looking, easy to open with a dispenser cup for perfect portions. The kibble is a good size, smells great and apparently tastes fab too! My dog is more alert, bright eyed and raring to go on this wonderful food so I'll be using this all the time now. Big thumbs up from us!

Tasty food that she went crazy about

by -

I thought I would try my dog on this as she is now 7 years old. Bailey loved the food, we have tried a number of complete dry foods over the years but we had the best reaction to this one. She seemed to really enjoy the food. I cannot say we have seen much difference in her behaviour, coat, cognitive levels etc though, but saying that she still is a very lively dog so it would be difficult to see any difference. But we will still buy the food in the future as she does enjoy it, and hopefully it will keep her as lively as she is for longer.

Purina pro plan

by -

Excellent... been feeding my husky Purina and she loves it. She's 8yrs old and these past few days she's been more playful like a pup. Her coats looking lovely and shiny. Very pleased with this product and I've recommended it to my family

Tasty food and good storage bag.

by -

My dog has been eating this now for a couple of weeks, she seems to enjoy it and licks out her bowl. The strong pack is good for storage and the reseal works well ensuring the food stays fresh in the cupboard. My dog is bright, cheerful and alert, always up for a run and a fun game.

Happy dogs

by -

Hi my two dogs Rosie bulldog and Bridget is a shih-tzu they have been trying Purina optiage for 8 days now and they are both enjoying their food more, Rosie bulldog has more energy than usual, Bridget's coat is more glossy and shiny so I am really pleased with the results so far, and after every meal I am getting clean empty dishes back , so it's a win win

Great product!

by -

My dog Charlie loves these dry biscuits. Their the right size to get his teeth into. He had No problem with them from the start, he used to pick at his biscuits but with these, he gobbles them right up.

Great product

by -

I introduced our dog, Bomma, to Purina® PRO PLAN® last week. I didn’t end up waiting the seven days introductory period to slowly introduce it as he took to it immediately and loves it. He seems more alert and lively already. I’m looking forward to see how things progress.

My dog enjoys it

by -

My dog enjoys this, ive not seen any difference with her energy levels, she still sleeps as much and naps in the daytime, however she is molting less and when I play with her she seems more with it, and interacts more. Also when she goes to the toilet she is a lot more firm than before, and does not suffer from wind.

Happy dog

by -

My dog loves pro plan 7+ I have noticed great improvement in her energy, mobility and coat since started using it, it’s full of nutrition and goodness and she enjoys it

A Success

by -

Purina Pro plan with optiage dog food arrives in good quality packaging with a handy scoop so that you can measure out portions accurately. The dog food smells good and it must taste scrummy too as it is soon gobbled up by my dog! She definitely has given her stamp of approval for this!
<br>Lassie is a ten year old working farm dog. She isn’t doing the same work now as we are trying to ease her into retirement...she loves her work too much though! Lassie needed something geared towards helping her in this stage of life and this is perfect. More alert, glossier coat and better appetite has been the result. I will be buying this product again.

Doesn't quite hit the mark

by -

I tried this free through #the insiders. Tried to introduce this to my dog over a few days, in her usual food. She walloped this the first time I put it down, then started to leave and walk away after a few days. I am going to persevere with this though. As the benefits from this food will be good for my dog. She eats it some days and others not, but I don't think this is down to the food, she is just fussy.

Great for fussy eaters

by -

I have one fussy dog . So I find it hard to find food she will love. So when I got this food I was sceptical.
<br>From opening the bag, she was straight in her food until her bowl was empty. I will definitely be buying more!!!

Amazing Dog Food

by -

I have been feeding my 13 year old Beagle, Zak, this dog food for the last 10 days. I have definitely noticed a difference in the behaviour of my dog as have my friends and family. We have all seen how much more alert and active he has become since eating Purina ProPlan Optiage dog food. At both breakfast and meal times, he now rushes to his dog bowl and laps up the food. It hardly touches the sides! When out walking, his pace is a lot faster. He runs rather than doddles along. It is such a joy to see puppy like behaviour. Zak is a lot happier in himself and he wants to play a lot more. It's like having a puppy at home again. I love it. Zak enjoys his food again. He loves the flavour and texture of the food. We haven't had to mix it with anything else to get him to eat it. This is a food I would definitely recommend and I am certainly going to carry out giving him this food instead of the old food he used to be on.

Happy dogs

by -

I have two very fussy dogs who normally walk away from dry food. Quite a difference with Purina Pro Plan. Its gone from their bowls in seconds. Very pleased with it.

Fab dry dog food

by -

My springer spaniel loved this food and couldn’t get enough of it . I could tell it was a good quality dog food because it never swelled when water was added.


by -

A really great product, both my springer spaniels seem to love it, and the eldest dog seems much perkier on it

Doggy love

by -

I recieved this product to try. My Bella is usually really lazy and doesn’t show much interest in food usually but she really loved this food, wagging tail and happy doggy so it must be good. Didn’t seem to be any nasty ingredients, it all looked good and our Bella is not sluggish or tierd she is very up and about so I’m sure the food is doing her some good.

Pro plan

by -

Excellent product my dog Ollie loves it, highly recommend to others, we which from wet food to this product and he seems so much more happier


by -

Great product, nice reseal packaging keeps it fresh. Good size pieces, my dog seems happy with it, always an empty bowl

Fussy eater loves it

by -

I received this food to trial and give my views. My little girl is very particular when trying out new food but from day one she has relished this food. She can’t get enough of it. She is happy and healthily on this food and I’m very happy with it.

My dogs love this food

by -

My 2 Staffordshire bull terriers love this food and seem to really enjoy it

great dog food

by -

Since starting my dog on this food i cant believe the difference in her,she has started to interact with us more as a family and being more keen to go on her daily walks again,as with her being an older dog she has become lazy. The food itself has large meaty chunks which she devours and shes usually quite a fussy eater so im glad thats another bonus with this food. Ive also noticed her coat looks really shiny and feels thicker.Allround i feel like i have a different dog as she definately has more energy and her appearance looks heathier. I would highly recommend this food to any dog owners who have an older dog as i think it does give your dog a boost than the normal average dried dog food.

My dog appears much younger

by -

My dog appears to have increased energy levels and much more flexible joints. She is finding it much easier to run around . She appears to love this food and the transition onto this food was very easy. My dog took to this straight away and we have never looked back. Even her skin is in a much better condition.

Great dog food

by -

My dog has loved this dog food we tried her on it and she ate the lot on the first bowl if you're looking to switch would highly recommend this