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Pro Plan Optidigest Medium/Large Breed Grain Free Dry Puppy Food - 12kg By Pro Plan

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Key Benefits:
  • Easily digestible for puppies with sensitive digestion
  • Contains prebiotics scientifically proven to help improve microfloral balance
  • Helps promote good quality stool
  • Grain Fee formula replacing grains with cassava and other key ingredients for energy and good digestion
  • Rich in turkey
  • Contains high quality protein from turkey

Complete pet food for medium and large puppies with sensitive digestion. Also suitable for gestating/lactating bitches.

Our Optidigest range is specially formulated with highly digestible ingredients - such as egg - that ease the digestive process, and bentonine (a natural clay) that promotes good stool quality. It also contains prebiotic scientifically proven to increase bifidobacteria for a better gut microflora balance and helps support good intestinal health.

Pro Plan Puppy Medium & Large Optidigest grain free with Turkey is a complete and balanced dry grain free formula specially developed for medium & large breed puppy (>10kg adult weight) with sensitive digestion.

Rich in turkey, the recipe is nutritionally balanced to support an active and healthy lifestyle as your puppy progresses towards adulthood at around 12months of age.

In our grain free variant we've replaced grains with cassava and other key ingredients, to offer you more choice of products for sensitive digestion.

Discover the difference Optidigest products could make to your puppies' health and well-being - today and tomorrow.

Also suitable for gestating / lactating bitches.


Turkey (18%)
Dried Chicken Protein
Dried Cassava (12%)
Pea Starch
Animal Fats
Pea Protein
Dried Beet Pulp
Soya Meal
Dried Egg
Dried Pea
Fish Oil

Analytical Constituents:
Fat content:19.0%
Crude ash:8.4%
Crude fibres:2.5%
Nutritional Additives:IU/kg:
Vit A:33000
Vit D3:1100
Vit E:550
Vit C:180
Iron (II) sulphate monohydrate: (Fe:100)
Calcium iodate anhydrous: (I:2.6)
Copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate: (Cu:15)
Manganous sulphate monohydrate: (Mn:45)
Zinc sulphate monohydrate: (Zn:160)
Sodium selenite (Se:0.14)
Technological additives:mg/kg:
Bentonite (clay):6800
Tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils:50

Feeding Guide:

To monitor your dog's health, consult a vet regularly.

These amounts are guidelines only. Ensure your puppy and mother maintain a lean body condition by adjusting the daily amounts according to your dog's activity level, physical condition and individual needs. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times. To monitor your dog's health, consult a vet regularly. Puppy ranges also available in Optistart and Optiderma and discover our Optidigest grain-free formula adult range from adulthood to senior years.

Daily quantity (grams)
Based on pregnancy stage

Mother bodyweight(kg): 10kg, Gestation 6-9 weeks: 180-240g
Mother bodyweight(kg): 15kg, Gestation 6-9 weeks: 235-315g
Mother bodyweight(kg): 20kg, Gestation 6-9 weeks: 285-380g
Mother bodyweight(kg): 25kg, Gestation 6-9 weeks: 330-440g
Mother bodyweight(kg): 35kg, Gestation 6-9 weeks: 415-555g
Mother bodyweight(kg): 45kg, Gestation 6-9 weeks: 490-655g
Mother bodyweight(kg): 60kg, Gestation 6-9 weeks: 595-795g
Mother bodyweight(kg): 70kg, Gestation 6-9 weeks: 660-880g

Daily quantity (grams)
Based on age and puppy's expected adult body weight
Puppy's expected adult body weight (kg): 10kg, 1.5-3 month: 75-115g, 4-5 months: 120-135g, 6-8 months: 140g, 9-11 months: 140g-Adult, 12-24 months: Adult
Puppy's expected adult body weight (kg): 15kg, 1.5-3 month: 80-140g, 4-5 months: 150-170g, 6-8 months: 190-205g, 9-11 months: 205g-Adult, 12-24 months: Adult
Puppy's expected adult body weight (kg): 20kg, 1.5-3 month: 90-165g, 4-5 months: 185-205g, 6-8 months: 240-275g, 9-11 months: 275g-Adult, 12-24 months: Adult
Puppy's expected adult body weight (kg): 25kg, 1.5-3 month: 95-190g, 4-5 months: 215-235g, 6-8 months: 290-340g, 9-11 months: 340-350g, 12-24 months: Adult
Puppy's expected adult body weight (kg): 35kg, 1.5-3 month: 105-210g, 4-5 months: 250-300g, 6-8 months: 350-460g, 9-11 months: 470-490g, 12-24 months: 500g-Adult
Puppy's expected adult body weight (kg): 45kg, 1.5-3 month: 120-235g, 4-5 months: 270-340g, 6-8 months: 490-555g, 9-11 months: 575-615g, 12-24 months: 625g-Adult
Puppy's expected adult body weight (kg): 60kg, 1.5-3 month: 140-330g, 4-5 months: 385-500g, 6-8 months: 575-735g, 9-11 months: 765-810g, 12-24 months: 810-820g
Puppy's expected adult body weight (kg): 70kg, 1.5-3 month: 155-395g, 4-5 months: 430-590g, 6-8 months: 640-895g, 9-11 months: 940-980g, 12-24 months: 915-950g

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