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Pro Plan Large Athletic Chicken Adult Dry Dog Food - 14kg By Pro Plan




PURINA® PRO PLAN® Dog Large Adult Athletic with OPTIBALANCE rich in Chicken dry food  - 14kg

Previously 'Pro Plan Large Breed Adult Athletic Dry Dog Food - 14kg'

Average Cost Per Day
(if feeding Rover)
Average Cost Per Year
(if feeding Rover)
Average Length 1 Bag Lasts
(if feeding Rover)
41 days*

*Calculation based on a golden retriever adult weight (30kg) 
being fed 340g per day as per brand guidelines, and product 
total price £36.99 as accurate on date of review.

PetShop.co.uk’s Summary

A successful diet that supports the maintenance of all athletic large breed adult dogs; really popular with our customers! Contains 14% chicken - a good source of protein. Very easy to feed your dog with no need for any other foods. The food is well priced, with a better than average ingredient content!

Feel free to call our pet health specialist for more advice on 01789-205-095 

Key Points

Suitable for: All athletic large breed adult dogs as a complete and balanced maintenance diet.

Main Ingredient: The main ingredient is chicken (14%), a protein-packed food; much better than most diets that use cereal as the main ingredient! 

Main Meat Source: The exact origin of the chicken is not listed, but it provides plenty of protein in the diet.

Protein Amount: This diet is 27% protein; more-than-enough for athletic adult dogs.

Product Aim: To support the maintenance of healthy large breed adult dogs, while also supplying extra engery for athletic dogs by containing more protein and vitamins.

Allergy Benefits: None listed for product but the ingredients used are not known to commonly cause allergic reactions.

Is it a natural product? Yes; the diet does not list any named 'articifial' ingredients.

Does it include any additives? The additives used are added to benefit the dog's health; vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Wind, bad breath, fur & teeth benefits? A healthy coat and skin is aided by vitamin A. Prebiotics and fibres in the diet help avoid common digestive upsets. Dry food helps ‘clean' the teeth and avoid bad breath.

Can I only feed this one product? Yes, it is a complete food so you don’t need to feed any other food, just supply fresh clean water too.


PetShop.co.uk’s Full View

Pro Plan Large Breed Adult Athletic Dry Dog Food is a complete and balanced diet for large breed adult dogs with higher engery requirements, made with 14% chicken for a higher protein amount and taste. It is specially formulated to provide more energy for your dogs' higher metabolism by added protein and fat, and also by containing extra B vitamins.

How does it keep my dog fit and healthy?

Skin and Coat - Provides vitamin A for healthy skin and coat.
Digestion - Contains special fibres and prebiotic to avoid stomach upsets and aid healthy digestion.
Engery - Extra protein, fat and B vitamins in the diet help to support the needs of more active dogs.

And, how do I feed it to my dog?

You can just give the dry food straight to your dog in a bowl. Always follow the packet feeding guidelines so that you know how much to feed.

So, Is it a good food to buy?

A great food that can be fed to support your dog health and needs. The packaging is honest about the ingredients. Feeding method is incredibly easy and the product is overall well priced.


Would it be agreeable with my dog?

Does your dog have bad breath or teeth?

The dry food is made into kibble (small round biscuit like peices) which the dog bites and chews to eat; when this happens the kibble actually helps to keep the teeth clean and remove tartar! So, if your dog has bad breath and teeth this could be helped massively by using a dry feed.

Does your dog have a dull or rough coat?

The diet has plenty of vitamin A for skin and coat nourishment.


Manufacturer's View

At PURINA® PRO PLAN® we believe that optimal nutrition is the foundation for optimal health and wellbeing - and the starting point for an amazing life. Developed by our vets and nutritionists, PURINA® PRO PLAN® with OPTIBALANCE provides advanced nutrition that helps support your dog's long term health.

OPTIBALANCE is a combination of specifically selected nutrients at appropriate levels for dogs of different sizes and physiques that supports their specific needs and helps to keep them at peak condition

  • Specially formulated for large breed dogs with an athletic physique
  • A combination of key nutrients that helps to support healthy joints for your dog's active lifestyle
  • High nutrient absorbtion to fullfil your dog's needs
  • Specially formulated for dental care
  • Contains high quality pieces of chicken



Dehydrated Poultry Protein



Chicken (14%)

Animal Fat

Soya Meal

Dried Beet Pulp

Rice (4%)




Fish Oil



Nutritional ComponentAmount 
Crude ash7.5%
Crude fibre2.5%
Nutritional AdditivesIU/kg
Vitamin A30,000
Vitamin D3975
Vitamin E550
Vitamin C140
Calcium iodate anhydrous:2.7
Cupric sulphate pentahydrate:43 


Feeding Guide

Breed ExamplesWeight 
Less Active 
Lifestyle (g/day)
Active Lifestyle
14 kg bag will roughly last?
Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Border Collie, Standard Schnauzer10-25165-300185-34560 days
Dalmation, Boxer, 
 25 - 35 300-380345-435 42 days
German Shepard, 
 35 - 45 380-445435-515 34 days 
Rottweiler, Great Dane, 
St. Bernard 
 45 - 70 445-600 515-690 27 days

Advice: Who likes cereal without milk? Always provide plenty of clean fresh water for your dog too!

Feeding Guide: Pregnancy & lactation: please see the PURINA PRO PLAN web site or ask your vet for more details.

Weaning and growth: During weaning from 3 to 6 weeks of age offer moistened PRO PLAN Puppy 3 to 4 times per day. After weaning, feed according to the guidelines in the table. From 3 months gradually reduce the amount of added water. For healthy development ensure your puppy maintains a lean body condition during growth. Adjust the daily amounts up or down according to your puppy's activity level, physical condition and individual needs. Clean, fresh drinking water should always be available. To monitor your dog's health, consult a veterinary surgeon regularly.


Keep pet food in a cool and dry place.

Best before date, registration and batch numbers: see coding on back of pack

Ratings & Reviews

46 reviews

Pro Plan a winner

by -

Ollie has been fed a variety of Pro Plan dog food over the past 10 years. He remains fit and well as a very keen working dog and Pro Plan has provided him with a nourishing and filling meal throughout

I’m so glad I found this company!

by -

As always, the service was amazing. The price is always competitive and I’m kept up to date on the delivery at all times. The food itself is marvellous and my dogs thrive on it with fabulous coats and bright eyes. My vet always comments on their condition being tip top.

Pro Plan

by -

Very efficient service from Petshop.co.uk. Changed the delivery schedule on my bottomless bowl and it arrived within 4 days. My Labrador thrives on Pro Plan. A very energetic dog and this food suits him well.

Been using it for years - dogs love it

by -

Our labdrador has had this for years - and now our basset has it as well. You can get a cheaper brand - but they love this the best.

Excellent food and brilliant service

by -

This obviously suits my dog as he’s put on the weight he needed to and is now back to the right size. Lovely shiny coat.
Brilliant delivery service

Reliably good all round

by -

As always a reliably good service and great value.

Purina Pro Plan

by -

My labrador is thriving on his Purina Pro Plan. He has a tendency to lose weight quite easily and he's very active so this suits his needs perfectly.
Excellent communication when there was a delay on the orderm

Great service

by -

Great service. Delivered quickly and well packaged. Always use Proplan for my dogs

Pro Plan Adult Dry Dog Food

by -

My 7 year old English Pointer was reared on pro plan and it was recommended by his breeder!
He loves it and I now mix with Pro Plan light dry dog food as he is getting older !

Great for Dobermans

by -

Great product, my doberman loves this and is great for her gut which she has had problems with when using other dog foods

Excellent service

by -

Cannot fault the delivery service, even during Christmas it arrived as promised.
My Labrador loves this. Never anything left in the bowl.

Great company!

by -

I can’t fault this company, I really can’t! Their customer service is fantastic, the prices are so competitive and they cannot do enough to help the customer have a good shopping experience.
As for the food, my two Labradors have been on this food since they started eating “grown up food” and they are thriving, fabulous coats, strong muscles. We are complemented on their condition wherever we go.

Excellent all round!!!

by -

I always get excellent service when dealing with PSB. The bags of purina dog food are excellent and my dog thrives on them. Highly recommended and great value for money.

Purina pro plan

by -

As always the delivery service is brilliant. Quite simply you can't fault it.
My labrador loves Purina Pro Plan. We switched over to this recently as he's a very lively mature dog. No hesitation to recommend this.

Great price & vast choice

by -

Very competitive prices with fast delivery. Thankyou.

Good food at a good price

by -

Good quality food - been using it for years. Well packaged and delivered on time.

Top notch

by -

This dry food is fantastic - does what is says on the bag. Customer service from the team at Petshop is great, so helpful and very quick to respond to any queries, and delivery is quick and efficient. Highly recommend the bottomless bowl subscription too.

Quality Counts

by -

I have been using purina pro plan for over 9 years and it is super dog food My Labrador is fit and healthy with a super shiny coat all down to the quality of Pro Plan. I highly recommend it

Just switched to Pro Plan

by -

Just switched our 6 year old Labrador to Pro Plan active as he never stops running about and was losing weight on his previous food. Haven’t had time to see any difference yet but he certainly hasn’t worried about the change - still an empty bowl every time. Hoping that the Pro Plan Active will help Jim maintain his weight and maybe gain a few kg.

We all love it!

by -

Our dog has been eating this for 5 years and loves it. We've been buying from Petshop for 5years and we love it!

Quality Counts

by -

My dog has used Pro Plan for the last 9 years and he still loves it. The quality of Pro Plan is excellent resulting in my dog being fit and healthy. The service provided by Pet Shop Bowl is second to none. The food is always on time and at a reasonable price.

Fabulous Dog Food

by -

I have always given my dog proplan for athletic dog, puppy version because the breeder recommended and continued with adult. It has always suited Bailey & is very good to use as training treats because he loves it so much. Continuous order so never run out. Think he will have it for life.

ProPlan Puppy

by -

Very easy to order website, cheapest price after lots of searching, extremely fast delivery

ProPlan Puppy

by -

Very easy to order website, cheapest price after lots of searching, extremely fast delivery

Brilliant Service!

by -

This product is very good. My vet always says my dogs are in fantastic condition.......proud mummy moment!
What helps is the truly excellent service I get from pet shop.co.uk, they cannot be beaten for their customer service.