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Pro Plan Grain Free Medium & Large Adult With Sensitive Digestion Turkey Dry Dog Food - 12kg By Pro Plan




Manufacturer's View

A complete dry GRAIN FREE formula specially developed for Medium and Large breed Adult dogs with sensitive digestion. OPTIDIGEST® contains a specific blend of nutrients for digestive health benefits. These include easily digestible ingredients (such as egg) that ease the digestive process, and bentonite (a natural clay) that promotes good stool quality. It also contains prebiotics for a better gut microflora balance.
In our GRAIN FREE variant we've replaced grains by cassava and other key ingredients, to offer you more choice of products for sensitive digestion so you can select the option most suitable for your dog's needs.
Key Features:
  • Easily digestible for dogs with sensitive digestion
  • Contains prebiotics for a better gut microflora balance
  • Helps promote good quality stool
  • GRAIN FREE formula replacing grains with cassava and other key ingredients for energy and good digestion
  • Provides high quality protein from turkey

All PRO PLAN® products are formulated to make the most of high-quality ingredients, delivering efficient nutrient absorption and targeted benefits at every stage of life. In fact, we are so sure your pet will love it, that we are offering the chance to try PRO PLAN® risk free, with 100% money back guarantee*.

Terms and conditions apply, see https://www.purina.co.uk/brands/proplan/money-back-guarantee for more details.

Terms and conditions apply, see https://www.purina.co.uk/brands/proplan/cat/liveclear/money-back-guarantee for more details.



Turkey (16%)

Dehydrated Chicken Protein

Pea Starch

Cassava (12%)

Dried Pea

Animal Fat

Soya Meal

Pea Protein

Dried Beet Pulp


Dried Egg


Fish Oil


Nutrition and Analytical Constituents

Analytical constituents
Fat content:16.0%
Crude ash:8.0%
Crude fibres:3.0%
Nutritional additives:IU/kg:
Vitamin A:30 000
Vitamin D3:975
Vitamin E:550
Vitamin C:140
Iron (II) sulphate monohydrate:(Fe: 93)
Calcium iodate anhydrous:(I: 2.4)
Cupric sulphate pentahydrate:(Cu: 14)
Manganous sulphate monohydrate:(Mn: 44)
Zinc sulphate monohydrate:(Zn: 140)
Sodium selenite:(Se: 0.13)
Technological additives:mg/kg:
Bentonite (clay):6000
Tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils:45


Daily Feeding Guide

These amounts are guidelines only. To help keep your dog in an ideal body condition, adjust feeding amounts according to your dog's activity level, physical condition and individual needs. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times. To monitor your dog's health, consult your vet regularly. 
Recommended daily amounts for <1hr exercise per day:
10-25 kg: 170-315 
25-35 kg: 315-395
35-45 kg: 395-465 
45-70 kg: 465-630 
Recommended daily amounts for 1 to 3hrs exercise per day:
10-25 kg: 195-360
25-35 kg: 360-450
35-45 kg: 450-535
45-70 kg: 535-720

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by -

This is outright favourit of three dogs (setters and pointers)
I would buy it all the time if it was'nt so expensive.
Good coat, skin ect so I buy a bag every other time.
No waste at all, never, they love it.

Good food, good price!

by -

Just the food my dog needs for his sensitive tummy. Good price too!

No more smelly farts

by -

My dog has a sensitive digestive system and most foods he will give out smelly farts. Even on other no grain foods. This time, he was fine! Wish I tried this earlier

Good dry food product

by -

I originally got this item as a free sample and my dogs loves it. She often gets bored of dry food but with this brand I have since ordered a second bag. No complaints so far and my dog seems to enjoy it

Good stuff!

by -

Received this as a free trial. I had no trouble getting our dog to eat it, she loves it. I can't, unfortunately, comment on the 'grain free aspect, she was already on 'Optidigest' so there was no noticeable difference in her tummy or digestion but it is certainly, like all ProPlan dry food, excellent quality.

Great food

by -

Received this free for trial, dog loves it and it’s very gentle on stomach, shall be buying more 😀 👍

Gsd so took time to adjust now loves it!

by -

After initial getting used to it my GSD really enjoys it now.

Great quality feed

by -

We moved our dog across from pro plan puppy food to the sensitive digest adult food and it’s great! It’s great for his stomach and he is excited for every meal!
I received the food for free as a trial and will definitely be continuing to buy from the pro plan range.

Great for fussy eaters

by -

Have got a dog that is fussy about what she will eat. We took up the opportunity to try this food free and we are really glad we did, she loves this food and has always got a clean bowl. Her coat is really shiny to. Would highly recommend.

Molly loves it !

by -

We were offered this pro plan dog food on a free trial basis and Molly absolutely loved it. She is a fussy eater and took to this right away. It has been good for her digestion too. This review represents our true opinion and experience and we will be buying this dry dog food again.

Molly loves it !

by -

We were offered this Pro plan dog food on a free trial basis and Molly absolutely loved it. She is a fussy eater but we have found that this has solved her digestion problems and we will be buying this dry dog food again.

Good quality dog food

by -

We received this product as part of a free trial for our 2 year old springador to test out.
He has thoroughly enjoyed the new food and great taste as his tail is always wagging when eating it.

Proplan grain free.

by -

Had the opportunity of a free trial of this new Proplan grain free kibble. My setter certainly liked it, moved over from other Proplan dry food with no problem. Really suited his digestion. Perhaps a bit pricey!

Gone in seconds

by -

I gave a small bowl of this to bailey (18 month old collie) at lunchtime. He is a fussy eater and turns his nose up a many a tasty treat.
He ate this no problem at all.
I received the product for free, the review represents my true personal experience.


by -

Firstly, I was lucky enough to receive this product for free in exchange for my honest review.
My dog is very fussy, he absolutely loved this food. usually he picks around at what he likes but with this food every time I put his bowl down he ate the lot, even during transition he would pick out the purina food and leave his old one.
We have noticed that his stomach has settled a whole lot, he is more regular going to the toilet and it’s more of a healthy stool now. He hasn’t had any flare ups of diarrhoea after the first few weeks of being on this food, he also hasn’t had any episodes of sickness and after a few weeks his energy levels improved and his coat improved and he’s just happier in himself which is great to see.
He looks forward to his meal times now and I must say the food has a real meaty smell, the ingredients are fantastic and I think the price is great.
We are 100% converted and I can’t thank you enough would 1000% recommend to anyone

Happy pet

by -

My 11 month old bulldog is loving this food. He is keen to eat and doesn't leave any. Bite size is just right and smell is good too. He seems to have more energy and his coat is lovely and glossy

Grain-free quality dry food

by -

My dog really enjoys this food and is looking well after several weeks on it. I enrich mealtimes by using this kibble to put into feeding toys from which he has to work out how to get his food, the shape and size of these pieces are ideal for this. I’ll happily buy this for him again, as I received a trial of the product for free. This review represents my true personal experience.

Quality dog food

by -

I received this dog food as part of a free trial. I have a very fussy 3 year old Weimaraner who has an particularly sensitive tummy but I have managed to slowly cross him over with no bad side effects and he now happily wolfs down his food at meal time. The biggest improvement in my opinion is ‘less runny poop’. This food is one of the small selection I have been able to find were he has achieved solid poop’s, which alone is enough to earn this dog food an 5 star rating.

Happy dog

by -

I have a very fussy two year old so it's difficult to get him to eat. I've tried loads of different dry food on my dog and had to give it away. With this Pro Plan Sensitive food he is happy to eat it. I do sometimes have to add cooked meat to it when he is having one of is not eating times. It's now my go to dry dog food. There has been no upset tummies which is great. I did get this food as a free trial and I'm glad I did. My review is my honest opinion of the product..

Pro plan grain free medium and large adult with sensitive digestion

by -

Pro plan grain free medium and large adult with sensitive digestion turkey. I have a dog with IBD and a very poor appetite. I put down several bowls of food including this pro plan grain free. My dog chose this pro plan grain free instead of any of the others. Since then he’s been eating it daily and seems to enjoy it. So this is a real winner for me and my dog. I received this dog food as a free trial, However, my review is an honest review, and I will be using this product again.

GSD sensitive tummy took 2 days to settle to it now enjoying it well.

by -

We have a 2 yr old German Shepherd who has sensitive digestion, so even introducing a small amount initially upset her tum and she had diarroeah, but after her usual tablets for that (one dose) the next day she was ok and I continued introducing this new food into her diet. She has now been slowly increasing the amount eaten and likes it and hasn't had any more issues! Hopefully it is really good for her.

A happy dog

by -

I have a fussy 2 year old boxer so was just expecting him to turn his nose up to this like everything else he’s tried,.
To my surprise when I opened the bag he went straight in there to help himself so much so I had to hide it to stop him eating it.
He absolutely loves this food and clears his bowl every time he is also a lot firmer when he goes to the toilet which he never used to be
I received this food for free and the review represents my true personal experience.

Great quality

by -

My dog loves this every bite gone in one meal and it's great that it's good for sensitive tummys too. You can tell it's made with the best ingredients. I got this as a free trial and I will definitely purchase again now I know how much my dog likes it.


by -

Excellent product my dog loved it and it’s healthy too. Will be buying again thank you

Good Value

by -

Excellent value for money, good delivery. The small sized nuggets were just right for my dog. He ate some straight away which was a good sign.