Pond Gold Mix 140g By Tetra




TetraPonde( Gold Mix

Premium food mixture specifically formulated for goldfish consisting of flakes sticks and freeze-dried rivershrimp.

e% specially formulated for goldfish comets and shubunkins
e% contains spirulina flakes to intensify colouring and promote health
e% hydrolised proteins for healthy growth
e% easily digestible carbohydrates for energy provision
e% river-shrimp provide extra variety
e% feed as a complete diet or in addition to other TetraPond foods

Goldfish and their varieties such as shubunkins and comets are themost -popular fish for garden ponds and water features. However upuntil now -there has not been a premium food specifically developedfor the needs of -these fish. TetraPond Goldfish Mix has beenspecifically formulated to -provide a complete premium diet forgoldfish kept outdoors. -It consists of four different types offoodstick Spirulina flakes -and river shrimp.-

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