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The Pet Corrector 50ml by The Company of Animals is harmless training tool to discourage unwanted behaviour in your pet. The Pet Corrector interrupts many unwanted behaviours but is most often used for the following:

- Barking
- Jumping up
- Stealing food
- Chasing
- Place avoidance

Other Uses

The Pet Corrector is not just for dogs. On Dr Mugford's farm, one young horse has a playful (and cruel) tendency to chase and bite sheep.  Another, enjoyed chewing post and rail fences. Both 'misbehaviours' can be interrupted, even from a distance, by the Pet Corrector. 

Cats can misbehave too!  The Pet Corrector can be used effectively to interrupt their stalking and catching birds and to stop them using furniture as scratching posts.  

Finally, always make sure that training is fun, keep training sessions short and always finish on a positive note. You can find out about other useful accessories to help improve your pet's behaviour on our problem pages. 

Using Responsibly

If you are unsure whether this product is suitable for your pet, please get in touch with The Company of Animals Training and Behavioural Centre either on the link on the homepage or by telephone on +44 (0) 1932 574293 for further help and advice.

Developed with Dr Robert Mugford, a leading animal behaviourist, the Pet Corrector contains a full set of usage instructions to ensure you operate safely and achieve the desired result.

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A calming influence!

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Altho' I don't always support the use of training 'gadgets', this product is invaluable when my young, strong GSD gets a bit OTT! It helps 2 calm her (when used corjrectly!) & is not harmful 2 my animals.