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PRO PLAN Dog Adult And Senior Multivitamins Supplement - 90 Tablets By Pro Plan




At PURINA PRO PLAN, we believe nutrition is the foundation for long-term health and well-being, PRO PLAN offers outstanding and great-tasting nutrition to keep your dog in long-term health, through main meals and complementary products    

PRO PLAN has developed a range of targeted complementary products to help support with mobility, immunity, vitality, digestion, skin & coat and well-being.   

Key benefits: 
PRO PLAN Multivitamins + keeps your dog’s paws ready to pounce as it contains a vitamin complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12), and is scientifically designed to:

  • Help sustain energy levels and overall health, help promote healthy skin & Coat with B vitamins for dogs (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12)    
  • Our blend has been developed by veterinarians and pet nutritionists and is scientifically designed to help sustain energy release    
  • Pro Plan chosen by remarkable owners for their extraordinary pets. This dog multivitamin supplement is suitable for every day use   
  • Supplemental support can help with: 
  • Vitality - Is it a very active period for your dog? 
  • Environmental stressors – Is it a busy period for your dog (change of habits)?   
  • Skin & coat health - Does your dog's skin & coat need support?       
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, & B12 for vitality and overall health: B-complex vitamins act as a co-enzyme to promote biochemical reactions that change carbohydrates into glucose, providing energy to the body.   
  • Helps sustain energy release for vitality and overall health    
  • With vitamin complex    
  • Tasty and easy to feed!    
  • Developed by veterinarians    
  • Everyday complementary nutrition    
  • No added sugar, artificial colourants and preservatives 
  • Complementary pet food for adult dogs    
  • Your dog will enjoy this little add on to their food whilst you can be assured of its nutritional value.
  • Tasty and easy to feed!    
  • Developed with veterinarians, pet nutritionists and expert scientists, this product is the result of years of research in pet nutrition and understanding their needs    
  • At PURINA, we take commitments to help improve the lives of Pets, Communities and the Environment. This includes special efforts on packaging to make it recyclable or reusable. Find more information on purina.eu/our-impact

Feeding Guide: 
Dog BW / Coverage (days) / Daily feeding amount; Tablets per day
< 7 kg / 180 / ½
7-20 kg / 90 / 1
21-35 kg / 60 / 1 ½ 
36-55 kg / 45 / 2
> 55 kg / 36 / 2 ½                        

Feeding guide: see table.
Clean, fresh drinking water should always be available.
For your dog’s health, respect the feeding guide and exercise daily.
Supervise your dog when giving them tablets.
Not recommended for pregnant or lactating bitches.
Keep out of reach of children.

Suitable for all breeds aged 1 year and above, except for pregnant or lactating bitches   

When to give?
Supplement your dog to keep them in good shape and full of vitality.   

How to give?
Serve once a day, along with one of your dog's meal. Place the PRO PLAN Multivitamins + tablet in a bowl or directly give from your hand. For best results, use continuously as part of your daily feeding routine.

Brewer's yeast, minerals, dried chicken liver, refined rapeseed oil powder     

Analytical Constituents: 
Protein: 24.4%,
Fat content: 8.1%,
Crude ash: 22.2%,
Crude fibre: 15.3%.

Vit B1: 1500;
Vit B2: 600;
Vit B3: 5000;
Vit B5: 2000;
Vit B6: 594;
Vit B12: 8.



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