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Huntland Salmon Grain Free Large Breed Puppy Food - 12kg By Huntland




Huntland Salmon Grain Free Large Breed Puppy Food - 12kg
with Sweet Potato and Country Vegetables

Average Cost Per Day
(if feeding Rocky)
Average Cost Per Year
(if feeding Rocky)
Average Length 1 Bag Lasts
(if feeding Rocky)
4 Weeks, 2 Days*

*Calculation based on a 4-5 month labrador retriever puppy with
expected adult weight 30kg being fed 400g per day as per brand
guidelines, and product total price £39.99 as accurate on date of review.


PetShop.co.uk’s Summary

Huntland Large Breed Puppy is a 100% natural and grain-free food specially balanced, like no other food on the market, by 60% meat/fish and 40% vegetables and botanicals. Freshly prepared salmon is the main ingredient in this recipe, with other lovely ingredients like sweet potato, peas, carrot & linseed altogether making a delicious dinner for man's best friend. With reduced carbohydrate levels due to no nasty cereals or grains, Huntland dog food makes the perfect complete and balanced diet for all puppies. Huntland foods have been created by the help of nutritionists and taste tested by employees' very own pets at home - Who absolutely loved it! Not only all of this but it is also extremely well priced!

Feel free to call our pet health specialist for more advice on 01789-205-095 

Key Points

Suitable for: All large breeds of puppies, even the fussiest ones, as a complete diet to support their growth and health.

Main Ingredient: Salmon 60% - Much better than cereals/grains!

Main Meat Source: Made in the UK using freshly prepared salmon from sustainable sources.

Protein Amount: This diet is 28% protein; a perfect amount for puppies.

Product Aim: To maintain the health and support the growth of puppies, while feeding a well priced food that is close to a natural diet.

Allergy Benefits: Hypoallergenic, so has no ingredients that commonly cause reactions.

Is it a natural product? Yes; made with 100% natural ingredients.

Does it include any additives? Only natural additives that help your puppies' health like omega 3 for a glossy coat & joint care.

Wind, bad breath, fur & teeth benefits? Added omega 3 and 6 for a glossy coat. Added fibre from vegetables in the diet help limit wind. Dry food helps ‘clean' the teeth and avoid bad breath.

Can I only feed this one product? Yes, it is a complete and balanced food, just supply some fresh clean water in a bowl too.


PetShop.co.uk’s Full View

How does it keep my dog fit and healthy?

Maintenance - The diet includes everything your puppy needs to keep healthy and grow well, in all the right amounts.
Skin and Coat - Includes omega 3 and 6 and is hypoallergenic - Reduces digestion and skin sensitivities and helps to give a nourished beautiful skin and coat.
Digestion - Contains added fibre from vegetables to avoid stomach upsets and aid healthy digestion.
Natural - All natural ingredients, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

And, how do I feed it to my dog?

You can just give the dry food (kibble) straight to your dog - Just remember water too! Always follow the packaging feeding guidelines to know how much to feed.

So, is it a good food to buy?

A excellent food to maintain your dog's health. The packaging is very honest and open about the ingredients, which are all 100% natural. 60% salmon making an amazing ingredient list. Feeding method is really easy and the product is priced well for the brilliant quality.

Would it be agreeable with my dog?

Does your dog have bad breath or teeth?

The dry food is made into kibble (small round biscuit like pieces) which the dog bites and chews to eat; when this happens the kibble helps to clean the teeth and remove tartar! So, if your dog has bad breath or teeth this could be really helped by feeding dry food.

Does your dog have a dull or rough coat?

The diet contains omega 3 and 6 for added skin nourishment and a healthy glossy coat. Also cereals/grains are known to cause skin conditions but this food is cereal/grain free!



Composition / Recipe : Salmon 60% (40% Freshly Prepared Salmon (Including 1% Salmon Stock) & 20% Dried Salmon), Sweet Potato (19%), Potato, Beet Pulp, Linseed, Minerals, Vitamins, Omega 3 Supplement, Dried Carrot, Peas, Vegetable Stock, Glucosamine (355 mg/kg), Methylsulfonylmethane (355 mg/kg), Chondroitin Sulphate (250mg/kg), Nucleotides, FOS (92 mg/kg), MOS (23 mg/kg).



NutrientAmount (per kg)
Protein27 %
Fat14.5 %
Fibre2.5 %
Ash7.5 %
Omega 34.1 %
Omega 61.2 %
Moisture8 %
Vitamin A15,000 IU
Vitamin D32,250 IU
Iron160 mg
Iodine2.54 mg
Copper60 mg
Manganese110 mg
Zinc230 mg
Selenium0.60 mg


Feeding Guide

Active Puppy

 Expected Weight of
Adult Dog (kg)
2-6 months
(grams per day)
 6-9 months
(grams per day)
9-12 months
(grams per day)
12-18 months
(grams per day)
 5-10170-210210-190 190-170 170 - Adult 
 10-15 240-280280 280-250 250 - Adult
 15-20320-350  350 350-320 320 - Adult
 20-30320-360 360-380380-350  350 - 315
 30-40 410-450 450-470 470-440 440 - 410
 40-50 490-530 530-550550-520  520-490

Less Active Puppy

 Expected Weight of
Adult Dog (kg)
2-6 months
(grams per day)
 6-9 months
(grams per day)
9-12 months
(grams per day)
12-18 months
(grams per day)
 10-15170-210210 210-180 Adult
 15-20220-260260260-230 Adult
 20-30280-320320-340340-310 310 - 280
 30-40 360-400400-420420-390390 - 360


Advice: Who likes cereal without milk? Always provide plenty of clean fresh water for your puppy too!

This information is provided as a guide only. Please refer to the product packaging for full details. The feeding quantities are based on the average healthy dog. Individual feeding needs depend on many factors, including weight, age, size, activity level and environment. So, feeding amounts needed may vary and should be adjusted as required to maintain a lean, healthy body and weight.

If you wanted to feed a mixed diets, perhaps wet and dry food, then be sure to alter the feeding quantities accordingly to avoid over-feeding your dog.

Again, feel free to call our pet health specialist for more advice on 01789-205-095

Ratings & Reviews

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Excellent good quality food

by -

Changed from Eden Holistic food to this food due to it being almost half the price for a 12kg bag.
German shepherd puppy seems to like this food and looks forward to meal times. Delivery is always exceptional and on time.

My dog loves this food

by -

Got this for my 8 month old Hungarian vizsla. He has shown intolerance to nearly everything except fish (chicken beef pork lamb and rice) searched for large breed fish kibble and found this. He loves it. Goes mad at dinner time and it doesn’t upset his stomach like everything else.

Really suits my dog

by -

My German Shepherd pup had digestive problems from the day we got her, showing mostly as very loose bowels and itchy skin. I sought advice and tried several different foods over around three months. Within days of starting this food, her digestive issues improved dramatically. She enjoys it too!

Very tasty dry food

by -

We have two old English bulldog pups at 5+ months and they had gone off their usual food even with extras put on , we tried the huntland and wow what a turn around they absolutely devoured the tasty first bowl like starved beasts , being full of tasty meat protein and veg and being grain free they have now become a real pleasure to feed , they truly love this new food,so thankyou huntland for providing this great dry food .

My dog loves it!!

by -

My Dogue de Bordeaux is doing really well on this food, no upset stomach and he rarely leaves it in the bowl at meal times. This is a very good quality dog food, at a reasonable cost. Highly recommended!

Rich and healthy for German Shepherd Puppy

by -

Our female German Shepherd adores this food and it has never upset her tummy. She wolfs it down and is in perfect health. The cube sizes are larger than the adult food we use for the older dogs but it seems to work as they are softer in a way. They smell very rich and flavourful. Her coat is glossy and thick so it must have all the right ingredients.

Good food for large puppies

by -

5 month old rottweiler with a big appetite, finally found this food that actually lets him feel full without over eating, good grain free food to help large puppy digestion without getting bloated. Will buy again.

Aussie Pup wouldn't eat it.

by -

5mth old Australian shepherd pup will not eat this food. and no returns so have 10kg of food going to waste. Pup prefers huntland adults food, or any other grain free high protein food.