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Good Boy Glow in the Dark Ball By Good Boy




Bright, colourful and packed with features, the Good Boy Glow Squeaky Ball is made with premium quality glow-in-the-dark rubber to ensure lasting use and guaranteed fun day or night, encouraging active and prolonged play sessions for all dogs.

You will recieve one ball.

Great for games of fetch and supervised squeaking fun, the Good Boy Glow Squeaky Ball provides hours of fun for your dog or puppy, enticing your dog to play and igniting their natural instincts to play and chase.  Made using a special material that requires no batteries or charging, the Good Boy Glow Squeaky Ball has a fantastic glow feature on the ball, “charging” up the glow when placed in bright sunlight for approximately 60 minutes.  Charge before use for maximum results and tons of night time glowing fun!

  • Made with premium quality glow-in-the-dark rubber and tough nylon
  • Glows in the dark, perfect for play day or night
  • “Charge” the ball by simply placing in bright light for approximately 60 minutes
  • Perfect for dogs and puppies, encouraging active play
  • Great for games of fetch and squeaking fun
  • Brightly coloured, available in three neon colours (orange, yellow, pink – selected at random)
  • Ball approximately 6.5cm diameter

Safety Note: Always supervise your pet when playing with toys.  If toy becomes damaged or parts come loose, please dispose of and/or replace to ensure safety for your pet at all times. This is not a chew toy and is not indestructible. Always read safety instructions on packaging before use.



Don't Waste your money! Less than 48hrs old with monitored play time of around 2hrs, choke hazard of top section with squeaker split and came apart.

Good Boy Ball

by -

Great fun balls.
Lightweight and easy to wipe clean.
Perfect for puppies to pick up.

Brilliant glow in the dark balls

by -

Brilliant ball my Lab puppy and JRT both love them. Though the terrier did remove squeak very quickly (under 5mins) in both balls I bought but still loves to play with them

Don't Bother

by -

Don't both demolished in 8 mins Waste of money

Not good

by -

Bought two balls. One arrived without its Squeeky

Glow in the dark ball

by -

Excellent bright colour, unfortunately the squeaker has fallen in. Love the glow in the dark

Don't bother

by -

Very poor. Squeak stopped after a couple of minutes. And £1.69 for one ball is a complete rip-off

Free Gift

by -

Had these as a free gift, my little boy plays with them as I’ve got big dogs so they were a lovely gift but too small for my beagle and dobermann but they’re amazingly bright and good quality


by -

Very disappointing, squeek failed after literally 2 minutes.

Dangerous Glow in dark ball

by -

The good boy balls are dangerous my 7 month old puppy had it 2 mins and the squeaker came out and he swallowed it. Theses are not great products

Great ball But

by -

Theses balls are great my jack loved it and played and played with it in fact he and I played with it for nearly an hour then I was doing some gardening and he played happily on his Own though he was still with me I suddenly realised it had stop squeaking he had not broken into it though he had made a hole and the bit that makes the noise was rattling in side I put in the dust bin, he might get it out. BUT he loved it so much I will buy another but only let him have it when I am playing with him


by -

Plastic bit then so probably won’t last her very long.


by -

My dog loves any toy with a squeeker in it, and boy does this have a squeek. I have no idea how many db it is, but my neibour two doors down can hear it haha. My dog loves it and has had lots of fun playing with it while I am trying to watch football on TV. Best toy ever she says.....I say, loudest toy on the planet. Perhaps when the weather is warmer she will take it in the garden. I live in hope.