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Felix Mini Filetti Chicken & Duck Cat Treats - 30g By Felix




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Key Benefits:
  • FELIX MINI FILETTI also have Vitamins, Taurine and no added artificial colorants. So go ahead and enjoy FELIX MINI-FILETTI!
  • Meaty treats
  • FELIX MINI FILETTI are carefully prepared tasty chicken treats mixed with Duck snacks for that extra flavourful bite
  • A yummy complementary pet food your cat will love morning, noon and night!
  • Made with 90% meat and animal derivatives, these meaty treats will delight the carnivore in your cat!
Purina FELIX MINI-FILETTI are carefully prepared tasty chicken treats mixed with Duck snacks for that extra flavourful bite.
Made with 90% meat and animal derivatives, these meaty treats will delight the carnivore in your cat!
FELIX MINI-FILETTI also have Vitamins, Taurine and no added artificial colorants. So go ahead and enjoy Purina FELIX MINI-FILETTI!
Purina FELIX MINI-FILETTI is available in a wider range of variants for your cat. So try and enjoy these exciting varieties today!



Meat and Animal Derivatives (80%)*



*26% Chicken in Light Brown Chunks and 28% Duck in Dark Brown Chunks

Average composition: 66% Light Brown Chunks, 34% Dark Brown Chunks


Nutrition and Analytical Constituents

Fat content:16.0%
Crude ash:8.0%
Crude fibres:1.0%
Nutritional additives:IU/kg:
Vit. A:5 000
Vit. D3:500
Taurine:1 000


Daily Feeding Guide

Daily Feeding amount for a 4kg cat is approx. 8 pieces. Clean fresh drinking water should be always be available. Supervise your cat when giving him/her the treats. Follow the Feeding Guidelines for your cat's health.

4 fussy felines

by -

Omg! Even my cat that is not bothered about treats chomped these and wanted more what more can I say - a complete win

mini filetti

by -

Our cats adore these and I have them on a bottomless bowl option so I dont have to worry that they will run out. Would recommend both bottomless bowl and mini filetti

My pet cat approved of the free 15g sample chicken & Salmon

by -

I received a lovely surprise free 15g sample of felix Chicken & Salmon mini-fillets this morning, my cat seems to approve, well of this flavour anyway!

Great for teaching tricks

by -

Cats loved these so much they learnt to give their paw for them :)

My cats both finished it all.


Sorry I didn’t take photos. I know that if they love what I’ve given them. They eat it all, without taking their faces out of their bowls.

Goes down a treat!


Bought these treats a week ago and my cat can't get enough! Highly recommend them!

Never arrived.


I have never received the sample so am unable to comment

Enjoyable treat


As soon as the packet was opened the cats came running. They luv them!

Both my cats loved the treats


Both my cats loved the treats would leave me alone till all had gone

Dorito loved this!


Tried a free sample of a different flavour and no surprise that he loved it, so much so I've bought it for him.....He's a loved furbaby!



We were disappointed because our free sample never arrived

My cats loved this


I recieved my free sample and Ellie loved it, she's a bit of a fussy eater at times but she wolfed this down. I will be buying this product again

My cat’s went crazy for them!


I got a free sample of these and my cat’s ate them like they were starved! They loved them and now keep looking for more.

Max the prince of the house absolutely loved these


I bought this product last week as I like to give my cat a varied diet.. and I must say the bowl was clean very quickly.. and looked at me with eyes that were asking for more!! A very positive circumstance..

She absolutely adored it


We got this as a new treat and once she had tried the first one she harrassed us constantly for more, first class treat which we will buy time and time again



My human gave me and my sisters these and we loved them! Please can we get a bigger packet next time as my sisters are greedy and ate more than me! Smokey aged 12

Please can I have some more?


If my cats could speak they would have asked for more. This was very much enjoyed and I will be buying more.

Happy cat's that love the product.


My two actually fought (more like squabbled) over the right to eat first. So much so that I had to divide the contents between them. Definitely intend purchasing more and trying the new flavours.

My cat loved them!


My cat loves all the felix treats (other than cheese). She wolfed these new duck flavoured ones too!

My cat loves these


My cat loved the taste and couldn't get enough of these, they seemed really easy to chew and digest and was nice to be able to feed my cat something he likes without feeling guilty about giving him too many treats, love that is has natural ingredients and cant wait to get more flavours for him to try

Our cats are crazy for this product!


Our cats Ninja and Pluto are just crazy for this product. They devour it and start looking for more.

Tiger Feels Buying This Should Compulsory


My feline friend settled down to eat this without a pause (he will march away from anything he finds less than delicious). After scoffing the lot, he looked over his shoulder and clearly required a seccond helping - immediately.

Did not receive a sample pack!


I was sent an email asking how my cat enjoyed Felix Mini Filetti, presumably a free sample was supposed to be sent to me. I haven't received a sample of any cat treats or food so unfortunately I cannot date this product. If I had received one, I'm sure my cat would have loved it as she adores salmon!!P

He “woofed” it down!!


Got a free sample with Felix cat food and after a tiny bit of sniffing Shadow absolutely “woofed” them down!!

My cat loves these treats


My cats absolutely love a treat but these were demolished, so much so I had to hide these away as she kept opening the treat cupboard & dragging the bag out. Definitely a favourite at the moment.