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Douxo Care Ear Cleaner for Dogs & Cats - 125ml BBD 07/2023 By Douxo



DOUXO is a vet recommended dermatology range - DOUXO has a solution for every pet - helps a range of skin types.

DOUXO Care Ear Cleaner (Auricular lotion) is a gentle, non oily ear cleaner that effectively removes excess ear wax and debris from the ear canal and skin, for both DOGS AND CATS.  It can be used for routine ear cleaning and removal of ear wax as well  as a regular ear cleaner or prior to ear treatments.  The lotion can also be used for routine cleaning of skin folds

Contains phytosphingosine which supports the skin’s natural barrier and Rhamnosoft (polidocanol) for a soothing effect.

- Cleans and soothes without being greasy
- Phytosphingosine for ear canal health
- FREE from paraben and ethylic alcohol 
- Green tea fragrance
- Pleasant to use

Suitable for Dogs and Cats of any age

- Do not apply into the ear canal if there is a suspicion of a ruptured ear drum.
- Veterinary hygiene product
- Keep out of sight and reach of children
- Storage info; store at ambient temperature (room temperature)

Phytosphingosine HCl
Green tea fragrance.
Paraben-FREE and Ethylic alcohol-FREE

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