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Dorwest Pure Evening Primrose Oil For Dogs & Cats - 30ml By Dorwest




Evening Primrose Oil Liquid


All the benefits that come from providing high level of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) are available in this easy to give liquid. With no odour or taste, the liquid can simply be added to food, direct into the mouth or dropped onto the nose where it can be licked off. This is an ideal formulation for cats and small dogs to reduce scurfiness or dryness and help maintain healthy skin and coat condition.  Evening Primrose Oil is believed to restore the balance in reproductive hormones that can otherwise influence behaviour and coat quality.


Need to know



Evening primrose oil (10% GLA)


1 drop per 2 kg bodyweight daily

Use short and long term

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Minimum age for use

8 weeks


Can be given in conjunction with any medication

Pack sizes

30ml & 100 ml bottles with glass pipette droppers for easy administration. Please use carefully to avoid breakage or injury.


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