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Disposable Diaper Small 12pk By Brampton




• Absorb wetness & Eliminate messes
• Ideal for females in heat incontinence and excitable urination
• Each diaper features a tail hole repositionable closures
and a comfort leg fit

Disposable diapers are now available used for bitches in season old and infirm dogs and the odd un-house trainable dog. This product is a life saver for a number of owners. XXS diapers suitable for Tiny Puppies/Smallest Toy Breeds up to 2kg & 15-30cmXS diapers suitable for Young Puppies/Toy Breeds 2-4kg & 25-33cmS diapers suitable for Pekingese/Maltese 4-7kg & 33-48cmM diapers suitable for Beagle/Mini Poodle 7-16kg & 45-63cmL diapers suitable for Basset Hound/Bull Terrier 16-25kg & 50-68cmXL diapers suitable for German Shepherd/Dalmation 25-40kg & 63-76cm

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