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Danish Design Sherpa Fleece Navy Slumber Bed By Danish Design

£19.20 to £54.90
£19.20 to £54.90



Designed with comfort in mind, this Sherpa Fleece Navy Slumber Bed is a luxury choice for your pet. Featuring the exclusive Danish Design paw motif, this bed balances both style and a fantastic sleeping experience. The wide range of sizes available ensures that finding the right fit has never been easier.

Size Guide

Whilst each dog is different, we have designed a size guide to help you choose the best possible fit for your pet.

Danish Design Slumber Bed SizeSuitable ForIdeal WeightExample Breed

45cm - 18"


53cm - 21"

These sizes are ideally suited to extra small and small dogs. The smallest size is recommended for dogs up to 5kg, and the 21" for dogs up to around 7kg.
  • Chihuahua


  • Border Terrier

61cm - 24"


68cm - 28"

These sizes are tailored to medium sized dogs. The 24" is ideal for dogs up to 10kg, and the 27" for those up to 15kg.
  • Dachshund


  • Beagle

76cm - 30"


89cm - 35"

These sizes are ideal for large dogs. The 30" size is recommended for dogs up to 20kg.The 35" is ideal for dogs up to 30kg.
  • Schnauzer


  • Boxer
101cm - 40"This size is for extra large dogs up to around 35-40kg.
  • German Shepherd Dog

*Please note that this table is a guide only and is based on ideal weights for certain breeds.

About Danish Designs

Our reputation reaches far and wide and as market leaders we always deliver super quality products throughout the UK and Europe. Everything we produce is designed by our Danish designer Susanne Mortensen.At Danish Design we consider how everything we do works for you in your home or even when you are on your travels. We really do care about every last detail and we’re especially dedicated to caring for our customers – excellence comes as standard.

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