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Danish Design Blue 2 in 1 Dog Coat By Danish Design

£18.64 to £35.27
£18.64 to £35.27



Featuring a unique removable polar fleece liner, this Danish Design 2 in 1 dog coat in blue, is suitable for both winter and the warmer months. The polar fleece liner can be added easily to the coat with velcro strips to provide extra warmth when needed, and also removed when desired, to create a light raincoat for your dog. With eleven sizes to choose from, finding the perfect fit for your pet has never been easier.

Key Information 

 Full Chest Protection
 Removable Fleece Inner Lining
 Thermal Comfort
 Machine Washable 
  Light reflective Fastening Strap


Measuring and Sizes

Measure your dog from the withers / shoulder blades to the base of their tail. 

Sizes from withers/ shoulder blades to the base of the tail
25cm/ 10”
30cm/ 12”
35cm/ 14”
45cm/ 18”
50cm/ 20”
55cm/ 22”
60cm/ 24”
65cm/ 26”
70cm/ 28”
75cm/ 30”

1. Make sure your dog is standing still on all fours before you start measuring

2. Measure dogs back length from the withers / shoulder blades to the base of their tail

3. Please do not take the measurement from their collar as this will be too long

4. If you measure between sizes, come down a size

About Danish Designs

Our reputation reaches far and wide and as market leaders we always deliver super quality products throughout the UK and Europe. Everything we produce is designed by our Danish designer Susanne Mortensen. At Danish Design we consider how everything we do works for you in your home or even when you are on your travels. We really do care about every last detail and we’re especially dedicated to caring for our customers – excellence comes as standard.



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Danish Blue 2 in 1 dog coat

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Quality good, definitely water proof as my chocolate lab had it on when it rained and the water just ran off, he also rolled in the wet grass and it still kept him dry and stood up to how rough he was. The fleece lining is so warm. Would recommend this product.