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Danish Design Flying Birds Slumber Deluxe Dog Bed By Danish Design

£31.49 to £120.74
£31.49 to £120.74



Two beautiful FatFace prints featuring birds and hares, paired together to create a fresh design and both printed on 100% cotton.

Danish Design are excited to announce their new pet bed collection in partnership with FatFace. They have created a range of stunning pet beds that not only look great and are comfy but have a positive impact on our natural environment, people and local communities. We are proud that the range has many sustainable qualities.

Made fully in the UK, the whole collection is filled with 100% recycled fibre, made from plastic bottles. Billions of plastic bottles are thrown away every year with only a small percentage (around 9%) of this being recycled. Danish Design can reduce some of this impact by using recycled bottles in their filling. The bottles are shredded, cleansed and heated to form a fibre, which can be processed through a carding machine in their factory in Leeds, to produce a luxurious super soft thermal filling for their pet bedding

To give you an idea, the filling inside the middle-sized bed would equate to approximately 70 recycled plastic bottles. Additionally where possible the collection is made from 100% cotton and sustainably sourced through The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) which helps farmers to grow cotton in a way that reduces stress on the local environment and improves the welfare of farming communities.

Machine washable

Available in 5 sizes:

45cm - 18"
61cm - 24"
76cm - 30"
89cm - 35"
101cm - 40" 

This FatFace Flying Birds Deluxe Slumber Dog Bed is also available in a Deep Duvet shape.

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