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Catsan Clumping Cat Litter - 5 Litre By Catsan




CATSAN® Clumping Litter offers your cat a litter tray that's always clean and dry. The very fine, ultra absorbent clay granules absorb liquids quickly and form small, solid clumps. These clumps can be easily removed every day, so that only clean and dry litter remains in the litter tray, and there's no time for odours to develop. The formation of small, compact clumps means you don't need to replace the entire litter tray as often. That's why CATSAN® Clumping Litter is 3 times more effective at preventing the growth of bacteria and odours than conventional cat letter and therefore lasts much longer. *In comparison to conventional lightweight litter products.

Made from high quality natural clay granules.

Preparation and Usage
Directions for use: Fill litter tray to a depth of 5cm. Remove clumps and solid matter as necessary and top up with new litter. Empty the tray at least once a week and clean with near boiling water and a mild solution of household disinfectant. Dry the tray completely before refilling with litter. When using CATSAN® Clumping Litter for the first time it may be helpful to sprinkle a little of your previous litter on top until your cat is used to her new litter.

Do not dispose of in toilet.

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

Good Cat Litter

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I've been using this cat litter for some time having tried other varieties. I prefer clumping and think this does a reasonable job - I don't find a trail of litter around the house just some by the tray. The best things about this litter is that it's not scented and has minimal dust.

A pleasure to deal with.

by -

The reason I use vetshop is because they are easy to order from and things arrive very promptly and sensibly packed. An excellent service.

Cat litter

by -

Very happy with this product, makes life easier.

Dreadful product

by -

Create concrete piles that stick like glue to the litter tray. Need abrasive pad and boiling hot water to remove. Gross process. I have two bags remaining but am not using them ever again.