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Catit Go Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter - 6 Litres By Catit




All of the wood in our litter is FSC-certified leftover lumber from sustainably managed forests. By recycling raw materials, we help save thousands of trees. Additionally, our litter production is very energy-efficient and completely solar-powered.

Superior ultra-high absorbency
Our wood litter’s amazing absorbency is without compare! The granules absorb up to 3 times their weight in liquid – that’s 300%! And as a bonus, the litter retains its formidable absorptive capacity indefinitely.

Doesn’t stick, easy to scoop
Thanks to its balanced, non-aggressive clumping action, this litter won’t stick to your scoop or litter box. Hurray for effortless scooping and cleaning!

Highly efficient and long-lasting
Unlike most litters, ours is pelletised and then crushed into smaller granules, which cover cat droppings and absorb cat urine much more effectively than standard pellets. This means less litter is wasted and a bag lasts you longer!

Lightweight litter packaged in a recyclable bag
Since our litter is very lightweight yet super-absorbent, we save a ton on CO2 during transportation and warehousing. In addition, our packaging bags are made from recyclable cellulose paper.

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