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BETA Adult Large Breed Turkey Dry Dog Food - 14kg By Beta



Beta Adult Large Breed Turkey Dry Dog Food - 14kg


PetShop.co.uk’s Summary

A complete diet to support the maintenance of all healthy large breed adult dogs, which contains a natural prebiotic to aid the digestive tract, along with added E and C vitamins to promote your dog's natural defences. Unfortunately the diet does not contain well sourced ingredients, however, it is a complete diet and is popular with our customers because it is very cheap and easy to feed to your dog.

Feel free to call our pet health specialist for more advice on 01789-205-095 

Key Points

Suitable for: All healthy large breed adult dogs as a complete and balanced diet.

Main Ingredient: The main ingredient is Turkey.

Protein Amount: This diet is 25% protein; enough for adult large breed dogs as long as it can be digested well.

Product Aim: To maintain the health of large breed adult dogs.

Allergy Benefits: None listed but there is natural prebiotic in the diet to help with digestion.

Is it a natural product? Unknown; the ingredient sources aren't clear.

Does it include any additives? Yes, to benefit the dog's health, like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Wind, bad breath, fur & teeth benefits? A healthy coat and skin is aided by added oils and fats. Prebiotics and fibre (3%) in the diet help limit wind. Dry food helps ‘clean' the teeth and avoid bad breath.

Can I only feed this one product? Yes, it is a complete food so there is no need to feed other food with it - just give fresh clean water in a bowl too.

PetShop.co.uk’s Full View

BETA Adult Large Breed with Turkey Dry Dog Food is a complete balanced diet for adult large breed dogs, made with 25% protein. This diet includes added natural prebiotic to aid the digestive system. The main ingredient is Turkey. The diet is complete and balanced, just not from as well sourced ingredients in comparison to other diets.

How does it keep my dog fit and healthy?

  • Maintenance - The diet is complete which means it contains what your pet needs to maintain it's health.
  • Digestion - Contains chicory, a natural prebiotic, to help improve digestive health.
  • Immunity - Added E and C vitamins help promote natural defences.

And, how do I feed it to my dog?

You can just give the food straight to your dog as it is! Always follow the feeding guideline on the bag to know how much to feed.

So, Is it a good food to buy?

This is a complete dog food to support your dog's health. Feeding method is incredibly easy and the product is very cheap.

Would it be agreeable with my dog?

Does your dog have bad breath or teeth?

The food is made into kibble (small biscuit pieces) which, when the dog bites and chews it, helps to keep the teeth clean and remove tartar! The kibble in this food have shown to reduce tartar by 21% in 28 days.

Does your dog have a dull or rough coat?

The diet contains unnamed oils and fats which aid skin and coat nourishment.

Manufacturer's View

Being a Real Dog for large breeds means running around and chasing for some, and protecting and guarding for others. Either way - they need a food that can properly fuel their natural enthusiasm for life. That is why our Purina BETA tailored nutrition for large breed adult dogs includes essential amino acids to support vital organ functions including the heart, and omega 3 fatty acids to support healthy joints. It is also formulated with selected natural ingredients and natural prebiotics to support digestive health to make sure they are always at their best! And all this without including any added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Lean Body Mass: Appropriate levels of protein and fat to help your large dog companion maintain a lean and harmonious body

Digestion: With natural prebiotic proven to help improve digestive health. BETA® Large Adult recipes are formulated with chicory, a source of natural prebiotic, which has been proven to help increase the number of good bacteria in the gut and help improve digestive health.

Heart Health: Essential amino acids to help support vital organ function including the heart

Joint care: Specific omega 3 fatty acids help supporting active mobility & joint care

Skin & Coat: Contains Omega 6 fatty acids & zinc for the maintenance of skin moisture & firmness

Dental: Dual size kibbles for good oral health. BETA® kibbles are specially designed to encourage chewing and maintain good oral health. Our pet nutritionists as well as breeder have carefully tested this kibble combination to ensure suitability and enjoyment for adult dogs of different breeds.


Ingredients Nutritional Additives
Turkey Meal(28%), Wheat*, Corn*, Wheat Middling,Poultry Fat,Dried Beet Pulp,Digest, Fish Oil,Derivatives of vegetable origin (of which 0.07% dried parsley*), Minerals, Vegetables* (1% dried chicory root, 0.07% dried carrot, 0.07% dried spinach). 
  Vitamin A 18,200 
  Vitamin D31,050
  Vitamin E85
Analytical Constituents  Iron75
 Protein25%  Iodine1.19
 Fat Content11%  Copper8
 Crude Ash8%  Magnesium 5.5
 Crude Fibres3%  Zinc105
Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA+DHA)0.3%  Selenium0.18574139
Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA+DHA)1.6%  
* = Natural ingredients
Feeding Guide   
   Normal Activity More Activity
Breed ExamplesBreed SizeWeight (kg) Daily Amount (g)14kg bag will  roughly last? Daily Amount (g)14kg bag will  roughly last?
Labrador, Retriever,
German Shepherd
Medium - Large25 - 45 340 - 5004 Weeks, 6 Days 385 - 5753 Weeks, 6 Days
Mastiff, Great Dane
Large - X Large45 - 70 500 - 6753 Weeks, 1 Day 575 - 7702 Weeks, 5 Days

This information is provided as a guide only. Please refer to the product packaging for full details. The feeding quantities are based on the average healthy dog. Individual feeding needs depend on many factors, including weight, age, size, activity level and environment. So, feeding amounts needed may vary and should be adjusted as required to maintain a lean, healthy body and weight.

If you wanted to feed a mixed diets, perhaps wet and dry food, then be sure to alter the feeding quantities accordingly to avoid over-feeding your dog.

Again, feel free to call our pet health specialist for more advice on 01789-205-095

The delicious taste of destruction


I have to say that has to be the first dog food that will be stuck in my mind forever as one of the funniest moments of my life. I received my box and I unpacked it and placed it on the floor near my back door. Now my dog Tank, never eats from the dog food bags, he only goes to his bowl. However, this Beta food is clearly so delicious because I went to the shop for 20 minutes and when I came back Tank had eaten so much of the bag that I had to take him on the longest walk of this life to try and work it off. I’m not even angry, I’m amazed at how delicious he thought the food is because he barely eats his current food unless we mix it with meat. This dog food is good enough that he will eat the bag! So I will definitely be switching and next time I will get a picture of his mass destruction. This time I was too preoccupied trying to stop him eating and clearing up what seemed to be an explosion. Even though the bag only lasted about 32 minutes from delivery I am very satisfied with its quality and humour.

Adult beta


Received my trail pack of beta
Both dogs seemed interested
Kody was more than willing to try and dived straight in missy is more hesitant but she did eat it and seemed to enjoy it
Next day gave it again first thing in the morning fire their breakfast just ate the meat and seemed to not bother with the beta biuscuits
Missy messed about nothing unusual there but did eat all the food
Which is unusual for her
Since then kody has been eating the biscuits but I wouldn’t say for her they’ve been an overal hit
Missy on the other hand who is in fact the fussy one has enjoyed these and eaten them
She also seems to be more fuller and less hungry later in the day which is a good sign
So I would recommend these
They seem to fill the dog and she seems happy and content also more active
I do feel the biscuits are a little large though could do with being a little smaller

Dog isn’t happy


Unfortunately Philloe hasn’t been impressed with Beta large breed adult dog turkey. After his initial excitement when I took the bag out of the box ( he was very excited about the smell ) This is the first dry dog food that actually smells nice as you open the packaging. He has eaten the food but it takes him a long time. He needs a lot of encouragement to go to his bowl. I have tried introducing the Beta food slowly to give him time to get used to it. But it hasn’t gone well. Philloe has been fed dry food since weaning so I know thats not the reason for his reluctance. I will persevere though. Hopefully in time he will enjoy Beta large breed Turkey.

Shlooped clean


As soon as I opened the packet, my big beastie was licking his chops in anticipation. Tried to give him some as treats, but he was having none of it! So I gave him it due for dinner and he Shlooped the bowl clean.

The good thing about this food is that it's different sizes so it makes him eat slower, which is a good thing. Couldn't get a photo at the first meal, but I will upload once soon.

Overall, I'm very happy with this food, and more importantly my big beastie is happy too!

Two very happy dogs


My dogs absolutely wolfed this down, which is unusual for them when trying dry food (they will wait for the fridge contents for days) even my picky Staff likes this food.
They both seem their usual bouncy selves and with no ill effects so this is one brand/type i will be sticking with, because if my girls are happy then we are all happy, so thank you once again Purina its another winner out of your stable, below is a picture of one very satisfied customer after her lunch

Happily enjoyed


Our Elsa has thoroughly enjoyed her new food! I did try with my friends Staff which extremely fussy and tends to only eat human food but unfortunately she didn’t seem too interested when I offered it her but yet happily ate it out of Elsa’s bowl

happy waggy tail


my dog have enjoyed this meal clean bowl each meal time. light wind at start but rotties are windy dogs but a after few days happy non windy dog clear clean.gloosy coat and lots and energy in my dog

My dog loved it


My dog loved it ,ate everything I gave her,I was worried at first to try it as she is quite fussy with her biscuits ,but it was great she really enjoyed it

Really impressed


I have to say my dog has thoroughly enjoyed her mealtimes since we started using this food. Initially I mixed it with her old food and gradually moved onto just feeding this food and we had no problems at all. My dog ate all of the food, and licked the bowl clean. She was excited at meal times and appeared to be satisfied afterwards.
Whilst eating this food, my dog has been happy and healthy and she has had plenty of energy and her black fur is lovely and shiny and in great condition. She has even had compliments on our walks!
I would recommend this food and will buy again.

My Dog Loves it


My dog doesnt seem to have the patience to wait he just wants at it , usually is very patient till i put his food , but seems so eager and finishes his food in a jiffy

Beta chicken


My staffy does not like many of dry food but Beta chicken has disappeared so quickly, he just loves it. I would recommend highly as sure my dog as well :)

Good mix of vitamins


Before trying this my dog seemed sluggish dull coat but now he has so much energy he now loves going for long walks his coat is shiny and he loves the food he is also getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs to stay looking healthy he has never been much of a eat a full bowl at once so this must taste great as he happily eats it all I’m really happily surprised with this food I would definitely recommend this to everyone I can mix the flavours up to give him variety of flavours every month

very good


very good both my dogs really enjoyed it and looked forward to dinner time! would recommend and going to buy more flavours for them to try

My dog loved it


My dog loved it! She usually picks up a mouthful of biscuits, walks across the room and drops them on the floor and usually only eats a few and leaves a mess. But from the very first bowl she actually stood there and ate the lot with not 1 single biscuit left on the floor. Will be buying again but I'm hoping they do bigger bags. I have a Rottweiler so this small bag didn't last long at all

Both my dogs loved it!


U gave two dogs a large breed and medium sized breed and both adored this food one bag lasted all of 2 days with my two lol very nice sized chunks this is important for my dogs as they like slightly smaller ones as they are easier to chew! They really enjoyed the taste we had turkey and lamb I have been and bought more for them highly recommend

Large dog


At first I thought the pieces would be Abit to large for my lurcher, But he absolutely adored the food, His fur (Merle) looks absolutely amazing since starting the trial his skin has improved massively all our dogs are now switching over to beta.

Nutritional food

by -

Have used Purina Beta for 3 years now for our black labrador, since he was a puppy.

Coat is shiny and healthy and so far no health problems.

And judging by the twirls and tail wagging, it does not taste too bad either.

Beta Dry Dog Food / Turkey

by -

This product is value for money and keeps Kemba full of bounce and energy. Kemba says thanks ,keep up the excellent bargains

Beta Turkey Dry

by -

Great value for the money .
KEMBA loves it and never leaves a piece ,always licks his lips and always seems to have a satisfied smile .
Thanks from both satisfied customers.


by -

I have been feeding my Lassie Collie on this food for several years now and the only time he stops eating it is when I have more than likely given him too much by mistake. He knows when he has had enough and won't simply empty the bowl because it is there.
He agrees with me ,the taste and the price is right.
Two well satisfied customers.

My dogs love it!

by -

designed especially for bigger dogs. my dogs really love them and I trust my dogs are getting the goodness they need.

Extremely good food

by -

Best food by far that I’ve used for a large breed. Had lots of stomach problems but this exact one sorts them out. Hard stools. Shiny coat. Not hungry. Large chunks for teeth.


by -

My Daniff always has had Beta he is in tip top condition in fact receives compliments everywhere he goes & has won most handsome dog completion I won’t give him another brand he is the picture of health I wish you could see he’s a walking advert for Beta

beta large breed

by -

thanks for great customer support on delivery options. my 2 large dogue de Bordeaux's have been on Beta since pups. they have had no stomach issues and maintained a good healthy weight and not had any joint issues. I do mix the food with either some meat as well. which was recommended by the breeders.

Great food

by -

Good all-around food that my GSDs have been on for years with no problems