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Applaws Senior Chicken Dry Dog Food - 7.5kg By Applaws




Applaws Complete Senior Chicken Dry Dog Food - 7.5kg

Average Cost Per Day
(if feeding Rover)
Average Cost Per Year
(if feeding Rover)
Average Length 1 Bag Lasts
(if feeding Rover)
3 Weeks*

*Calculation based on a labrador retriever adult weight (30kg) 
being fed 364g per day as per brand guidelines, and product 
total price £36.89 as accurate on date of review.


PetShop.co.uk’s Summary

A natural, cereal/grain free and complete diet to maintain the health of all sized breeds of senior dogs. Very high rated by customers! Contains 75% meat (chicken) so similar a natural ancestral diet. Hypoallergenic so great for dogs with sensitivities and poor coats and skin. A special recipe to help with joint care and mobility. The product is very well priced for the quality too!

Feel free to call our pet health specialist for more advice on 01789-205-095 

Key Points

Suitable for: All sized senior dogs as a complete and balanced diet to maintain their health.

Main Ingredient: Chicken 65% (from Dried Chicken) - Much better than cereals/grains!

Main Meat Source: Unknown chicken source, but Applaws only uses meat from sustainable resources.

Protein Amount: This diet is 37% protein; a perfect amount for adult dogs.

Product Aim: To support the maintenance of healthy senior aged dogs, while feeding a food that is close to a natural diet.

Allergy Benefits: Hypoallergenic, so has no ingredients that commonly cause reactions.

Is it a natural product? Yes; made with 100% natural ingredients.

Does it include any additives? Only natural additives that help the dog's health like minerals and vitamins.

Wind, bad breath, fur & teeth benefits? Added omega 3 and 6 for a glossy coat. Prebiotics and fibre from vegetables in the diet help limit wind. Dry food helps ‘clean' the teeth and avoid bad breath.

Can I only feed this one product? Yes, it is a complete and balanced food, just supply some fresh clean water in a bowl too.


PetShop.co.uk’s Full View

Applaws Complete Senior Dry Dog Food is cereal/grain free, and a complete and balanced hypoallergenic diet for adult dogs of all sized breeds. Made with 100% natural ingredients of which 75% chicken for plenty of quality protein and to mimic a natural anacestral diet. Contains a low amount of carbohydrates and specially chosen fats - great for weight control in older dogs and diabetic dogs. It is made to also support a healthly digestive system by added prebiotics, along with omega 3 and 6 for nourished skin and a healthy glossy coat, and glucosamine and chrondroitin for mobility care.

How does it keep my dog fit and healthy?

Maintenance - The diet includes everything your senior dog needs to keep healthy, in all the right amounts.
Skin and Coat - Includes omega 3 and 6 and is hypoallergenic - Reduces digestion and skin sensitivities and helps to give a nurished beautiful skin and coat.
Digestion - Contains prebiotic and fibre from vegetables to avoid stomach upsets and aid healthy digestion.
Natural - All natural ingredients, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
Joints - Includes glucosamine and chrondroitin to help mobility in later years.
Weight Control - Contains special dietary fats to help in the anti-ageing process by keeping your dog mentally active for longer.

And, how do I feed it to my dog?

You can just give the dry food straight to your dog - Just remember to provide water too! Always follow the packaging feeding guidelines to know how much to feed.

So, is it a good food to buy?

A excellent food to maintain your aging dog's health. The packaging is very honest and open about the ingredients, which are all 100% natural. 75% chicken making a top rated ingredient list. Feeding method is really easy and the product is priced well for the brilliant quality.

Would it be agreeable with my dog?

Does your dog have bad breath or teeth?

The dry food is made into kibble (small round biscuits) which helps to clean the teeth and remove tartar when your dog bites and chews it! So, if your dog has bad breath or teeth this could be really helped by feeding dry food.

Does your dog have a dull or rough coat?

The diet contains natural sources of omega 3 and 6 for skin nourishment and a healthy glossy coat. Plus cereals and grains are known to cause skin sensitivities but this food is cereal and grain free!


Manufacturer's View

At Applaws, making pet food matters, that’s why we pride ourselves on creating dog foods that are 100% natural. The images that we use on our packaging are pictures of the food inside, not created on a computer and or retouched to make them look delicious. Applaws only sources its ingredients from natural and sustainable resources. We won't scrimp and we won’t settle for anything but the best. If the quality is this good, why hide it?

We promise to...

  • Only use the finest cuts of breast meat or fish fillet.
  • Only use the highest level and quality of meat protein.
  • Only ever use the ingredients listed, nothing more, and nothing hidden.

As a complete dry dog food, Applaws contains 75% meat with a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs - designed to stimulate a natural diet in a dry form.

More about Applaws Complete Dry Dog Food...

  • Applaws contains an active pre-biotic which may encourage protective and friendly bacteria in the gut to support a healthy digestive system in both puppies and adult dogs.
  • As well as being naturally hypo-allergenic, it contains purified beta glucan from yeast to help improve the immune system.
  • Applaws Senior contains special dietary fats called MCTs, which can help in the anti-ageing process by keeping your dog mentally active for longer. It is naturally hypo-allergenic and contains glucosamine and chrondroitin which may help mobility in later years.



Chicken 65% (from Dried Chicken), Chicken Mince 9%, Peas 8%, Potato Starch 7% Beet Pulp, Poultry Oil 1.5% (Source of Omega 6 ), Tomato (from Dehydrated Tomato), Poultry Gravy, Whole Egg (from Dehydrated Egg), Cellulose Plant Fibre, Minerals, Vitamins, Salmon Oil (source of omega 3), Coconut Oil (source of natural MCT’s) Carrot (from Dehydrated Carrot), Chicory Extract (F.O.S), Alfalfa Meal, Seaweed/Kelp, Glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane, Chondroitin, Carrot, Peppermint, Paprika Meal, Turmeric, Thyme Extract, Citrus Extract, Taurine 1000 mg/kg, Yucca Extract, Cranberry, Fennel Extract, Carob Extract, Ginger, Rosehip Extract, Dandelion Extract, Rosemary Oil Extract, Oregano, Probiotic: Contains E1705 Enterococcus faecium cernelle 68 (SF68: NCIMB 10415) 1,000,000 cfu/kg as an aid in the establishment, maintenance and restoration of a balanced gut flora in dogs.



Nutritional ComponentAmount
Crude Oils and Fats16%
Crude Ash8%
Crude Fibres5.25%
Nutritional AdditivesIU/kg
Vitamin A19,000
Vitamin D32,000
Vitamin E 640
Sodium Selenite0.33
Calcium Iodate3.26


Feeding Guide

Breed ExamplesBreed SizeWeight 
7.5kg bag will roughly last?
Yorkshire Terrier, Jack RussellSmall5-1245-1552 Months, 2 Weeks
Cocker Spaniel, Shar-Pei, CorgiMedium12-25155-2605 Weeks
Labrador, German ShepherdLarge25-45260-4683 Weeks
Great Dane, St. BernardGiant45-70468-77812 Days


Advice: Who likes cereal without milk? Always provide plenty of clean fresh water for your dog too!

This information is provided as a guide only. Please refer to the product packaging for full details. The feeding quantities are based on the average healthy dog. Individual feeding needs depend on many factors, including weight, age, size, activity level and environment. So, feeding amounts needed may vary and should be adjusted as required to maintain a lean, healthy body and weight.

If you wanted to feed a mixed diets, perhaps wet and dry food, then be sure to alter the feeding quantities accordingly to avoid over-feeding your dog.

Again, feel free to call our pet health specialist for more advice on 01789-205-095

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When my 7yr old GSD began suffering ear infections my friend suggested it could be a food intolerance so I did lots of research on different types of dry food and opted for Applaws because it contains no grains or cereals. Both my dogs have been on it for 3 months and are thriving, full of bounce with shiny coats plus there's been no ear problems so far and a bonus is no more a/gland problems-works for us!

They Love It


My dogs love it and it's full of goodness so I'll buy it again.

What A Difference


My 9 yr old collie has a collapsed Trachea, this food is small found and flat so is causes her no discomfort when eating also digests quickly, so she is getting the nutrients before they leave her again! she is more energetic and happier since I changed her to Applaws.Thank you!!

No More Bald Spots!


After trying a lot of quality dog foods, I'm definitely sticking with Applaws. The no grain diet has been a god send for my rescue collie. Finally, no more bald spots. The vets have blamed her skin on various things, tons of tests later and no joy, a change of food has done the trick.
And she especially likes the more manageable size pieces.

Good Healthy Food For Your Best Friend


This is proberbly the most healthy tastiest food you could put in your dogs mouth. My Wheatern loves this food, it has a very high meat content and dosent have any nasty fillers, my dog would highly recommend this product.

My Dogs Love This Food


If my dogs are happy, I am happy. They love this food and chew on the flat pieces easily, instead of just swallowing down the
previous dog food they used to have. The ingredient are excellent.
Meals take longer to eat and they seem to savor every biscuit. They are happier, have more engery with healthy coats and no more smelly breath. delivered free within a day or so of the order. Is very well packed and worth every penny. I have given some to a friend for her dog, it is a fussy eater.
She is now sold on applaws too.

Well Worth It


Well worth the price - and haven't been able to find it cheaper than from PetShopBowl.co.uk

My Dogs Love This.


I have 3 large dogs, 2 are older and our younger one eats the large breed chicken. They love this food and it is VERY good for them, They are healthy and full of beans and their coats are amazing. It is not the cheapest food on the market, but not the most expensive either. However, it is rated 5 stars on the " allaboutdogfood.co.uk" website (click on dog foods and then dog food directory). See how good this food really is for your dog. You will see food you thought was good for your dogs and recommended by vets and more expensive -
is not that good. Most getting 3 stars. Applaws get 5 Stars!!"