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Animal Dreams Hay Bale Giant Pet Bedding By Animal Dreams



We only use the best quality hay sourced from local farmers ideal feed and bedding for all small animals.

Animal Dreams Hay Is Ideal For Rabbits Guinea Pigs Pet Mice And All Small Animals.

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

Brilliant price

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Brilliant price I was spending a lot more on hay until I came to Petshop.co.uk

Mixed quality

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The first hay bale I received was good quality, but the second one was course hay which I felt wasn't good, particularly for the price which is quite high.

Pros & Cons

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Plus: Good customer service.

Minus: the Giant Hay Bale is more like straw, rather than hay. It wasn't obvious from the picture.

I bought two bales and my rabbit is not too keen on it. As I have spent almost £40 for it, I am not too happy.

animal dreams hay bale giant pet bedding

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very pleased with the product...my guinea pigs and rabbits enjoy this as bedding and eating..good size

The G,s love it

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Yes my two guinea pigs absolutely loved the hay and I can certainly recommend to other people who are looking for good quality pet products .

Bunny Bonaza

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We have a lot of buns, this is great value and the buns love it.