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Ancol Cooling Mat for Dogs By Ancol

£22.91 to £25.14
£22.91 to £25.14



The Ancol Pet Cooling mat is a clever and efficient way to ensure your dog is kept cool and comfortable in warm weather. The central Phase Change Material core instantly draws heat away and turns from solid to liquid. 

This intelligent PCM technology can reduce the temperature of a hot dog by 7°C and will last several hours, without relying on being cooled in the fridge or charged. This waterproof mat provides instant and long-lasting relief for dogs who become uncomfortable and at-risk in warm weathers. 

The mat can be placed on the floor, on a bed or in a crate. 

The PCM core will re-solidify when the mat is left in a relatively cool place such as a cool room, and will be ready to use again. 
This mat is waterproof, and can be wiped-clean.

Avaliable in 2 sizes:
Large: 60 x 90cm
Medium: 45 x 90cm 

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